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Russell-Unit 1 Nouns

Russell-Unit 1 1st/2nd Nouns

agricola, agricolae farmer
ancilla, ancillae slave-girl
cena, cenae dinner
cera, cerae wax, wax tablet
culina, culinae kitchen
epistula, epistulae letter
fabula, fabulae story, play
femina, feminae woman
flamma, flammae flame
ianua, ianuae door
mensa, mensae table
pecunia, pecuniae money
poeta, poetae poet
porta, portae gate
puella, puellae girl
pugna, pugnae fight
sententia, sententiae thought, feeling, opinion
silva, silvae forest
taberna, tabernae store, shop, inn
terra, terrae land, earth, ground
toga, togae toga
tunica, tunicae tunic
turba, turbae crowd
umbra, umbrae ghost, shade
via, viae road, way, street
villa, villae large house
amicus, amici friend
anulus, anuli ring
atrium, atrii reception hall, atrium
avarus, avari miser
cibus, cibi food
coquus, coqui cook
cubiculum, cubiculi bedroom
dominus, domini master
filius, filii son
forum, fori business place, marketplace, forum
fundus, fundi farm
gladius, gladii sword
hortus, horti garden
imperium, imperii empire, power
inimicus, inimici enemy
libertus, liberti freedman, ex-slave
murus, muri wall
nuntius, nuntii messenger
poculum, poculi cup
puer, pueri boy
servus, servi slave
signum, signi sign, seal, signal
spectaculum, spectaculi show, spectacle
tablinum, tablini study
templum, templi temple
triclinium, triclinii dining room
vinum, vini wine
vir, viri man, hero
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