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Quiz 3 Lesson 5

Zoology 2

Which marine reptile was shaped like a snake and had tiny flippers. mosasaur
The four types of marine reptiles discussed are nothosausr, mosasaurs, ichthyo saurs and plesiosaurs
What are Gastroliths? stomach stones
Which marine reptile had more than 70 neck bones? elasmosaurus
What is an articulated fossil? When a fossil is found with all the bones in place and in proper order
Which marine reptile ate large stones to aid in chewing its food. plesiosaur
How is an ichthyosaur different from a fish? Its flippers enclose arm, hand and finger bones, a fish does not have these bones, the backbone is different also, it is like that of a reptile
What is another name for the great flood of Noah? The Great Deluge
How do we know what an ichthyosaur looks like? a fossil was found that has an outline of the body
What did the mosasaur have instead of legs? flippers like sea turtles
Who found the fossilized remains of a "giant sea monster" (ichthyosaurus)? Mary and Joseph Anning
Which marine reptile had feet with long, webbed toes. nothosaurs
What did Mosasaurs have that allowed their mouths the ability to open wide? hinged jaws with large teeth
What does an elasmosaurus look like? looks like a snake that was forced into the body of a turtle and then lost its shell.
Which marine reptile had 4 flippers it used like wings in the water? plesiosaurs
Which of the 4 marine reptiles may fo its time in the sea? nothosaur
Created by: kjproverbs356