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zoology 2

Test 2 Lesson 3-4

Where are Most amphibian eggs are laid? in water
What do sea lions and fur seals front flippers look like? they have long hairless front flippers that end in short nails
Which sea turtle is the largest of all sea turtles? leatherback
What are the scutes of the turtle made of ? Keratin
What is the most feared sea snake? Beaked sea snake
What are Amphibian hatchlings called? tadpoles
What is a haul out? When pinnipeds come out of the water to shore
The "eared" seals fur seals and sea lions
What do we know about the skin of a walrus? It changes color depending on how warm they are.
What do we know about how well the mother sea turtle takes care of her babies? They do not take care of their young, they lay their eggs and leave them to survive on their own.
What is the difference between a manatee and a dugong? the shape of their tail
In cold weather when hers "shut down" this is called what? brumation
Amphibians skin doesn't just cover its body, what other purposes does it have? It also helps the amphibian to breathe and drinks water
Which turtle is the smallest of the sea turtles? ridley sea turtle
Walrus is prey for what animal? polar bear
If an animal is "oviparous" what does that mean? it lays eggs
What is a loggerhead? a turtle with a large block-like head
What are pinniped breeding grounds called? rookeries
What do we know about the tail of all sea snakes? it is paddle-shaped
Name 2 things that separate sea turtles from other reptiles Their shell, they live in the water exclusively, and only the female ever leaves and that is only to lay her eggs and then she returns to the sea
Why can't a turtle be removed from its shell? Its skeleton is actually attached to its shell.
Why is it dangerous for manatees to stay in shallow water? they can get hit by boats
Name the 2 kinds of snake venom neurotoxin and hemotoxin
Do aquatic amphibians or amphibians leave the water for extended amounts of time after they are adults? amphibians
describe what neurotoxins do? attack the nervous system
What do hemotoxins do? destroy the ability of the blood to flow through the body
What is a plastron? the lower plate of the turtles shell
What state is a manatee sanctuary? Florida
What does odobenidae mean? one who walks with teeth
What are some dangers to pinnipeds? polar bears, fishing line and hooks, whales and sharks
What is a carapace? The upper dome of the turtle shell
all true seals lack what? external ear flaps
True seal front flippers... are short and fur covered and end in claws
Do ALL herps brumate? no
ectothermic when an animal gets its body heat from its surroundings
What do manatees do when they meet one another? kiss
Created by: kjproverbs356