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Science Notes #21

The Cell Cycle- Guided Reading Questions

Why is it important for your cells to replicate by the millions by the time you finish reading this sentence? Producing new cells allows growing and it replaces dead cells
What is the life cycle of the cell known as? The cell cycle
When does the cell cycle begin and end? Begins when the cell is formed and ends when the cell divides to form new cells
How does each cell get its information for survival? Cells make a copy of chromosomes to copy DNA
How many chromosomes pairs does each body cell contain? 23 pair
What does homologous mean? Same; matches
What do pairs of homologous chromosomes havein common? Their bands match, they are the same size, and there are always 2 per pair.
In the beginning of the eukaryotic cell cycle, what does the cell do? Grows and duplicates its organelles and chromosomes
Where are chromatids held together? The centromere
What is not a part of mitosis? chromosome separation, 2nd stage of eukaryotic cell cycle, process of cell division, process of each cell getting a copy of each chromosome. C
What forms a cell plate during the cell cycle? Plant cells
What happens in the 3rd stage of a eukaryotic cell? The cell divides and produces 2 identical cells.
What 2 paired cell structures are copied before mitosis? Chromosomes and centrioles
Which phase of mitosis? The fibers attached to the centrioles pull the chromatids to opposite sides of the cell. 3
Which phase of mitosis? The chromosomes line up along the equator of the cell 2
Which phase of mitosis? The nucleur membrane forms around the 2 sets of chromosomes and the chromosomes unwind. The fibers disappear. 4
What is the first phase of mitosis? The 2 pairs of centrioles move to opposite sides of the cell and fiber forms between them. The fibers attach to the centromere
How do animal cells and eukaryotic cells without cell walls divide their cytoplasm? Beginning at the cell membrane, forms a pinch groove which goes all the way through and forms 2 daughter cells.
What creates 2 nuclei in eukaryotic cells? Mitosis
What creates 2 cells in eukaryotic cells? Cytokinesis
What doesn't perform mitosis and what does it do to replicate? Prokaryotic cells; binary fission
Created by: rozeepozee9893