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zoology 2

Quiz Lesson 3

eared seals ... fur seals and sea lions
What are the walrus tusks used for? protection, to help them haul out
which Seal's skin changes different color depending on how warm they are walrus
What is a haul out? when pinnipeds come out of the water to the shore.
Pinniped breeding grounds are called what? rookeries
a sea lions fur is... rough and short
Why are manatees so vulnerable to predators? they are very slow, cannot turn their heads, and have no way to protect themselves.
What does a walrus have that neither true seals or eared seals have? tusks, long whiskers
Walrus is prey for what animal polar bear
Why do people tend to "rescue" the pups of pinnipeds? often it appears as if the mother has abandoned them when she has not.
True seals do not have... external ear flaps, they do have ear holes
Sea lions do have... external ear flaps
Even though true seals do not move well on land, in the water they can swim in speeds of up to what? 18mph
fur seal's fur is ... soft and luxurious
Why is it dangerous for manatees to stay in shallow water? they can get hit by boats
Front flippers of true seals are... short, fur-covered and end in claws.
Why must manatees have fresh water? to survive, God did not design them to drink salt water
What temperature of water do manatees like? warm
What is the main difference between a manatee and a dugong? the shape of its tail
What state is a manatee sanctuary? Florida
Created by: kjproverbs356