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zoology 2

Test 1 lessons 1-2

Why do whales "beach" themselves? they are disoriented or sick
What causes tides? the moon
What is the beginning of a river called? Head
Thermohaline currents are caused by what? temperature and salt levels
What happens to the blowhole when a whale is under water? it closes tight
The moon takes more than how many days to travel around the earth? 28
The place where a river meets with an ocean estuary
Use the sun to make their own food. phytoplankton
a circular current pattern in the ocean. gyre
Name the 4 zones of the ocean floor continental slope, continental shelf, continental rise, abyssal plain
What must a calf do as soon as it is born? get to the surface to get air
a whale leaping into the air and flopping in the water with a big splash breaching
what is conservation saving something
Which whale has a single long horn narwhale
means has a backbone vertebrate
These creatures clean up the oceans and rivers of the world. filter feeders
When dolphins race near the surface and make low leaps out of the water it is called what? porpoising
What do most toothed whales have that allow them to see in the dark? melon
animals that swim necktonic
why were whales hunted and killed in the early 1900's money
Which is the largest animal on earth? the blue whale
What is the most important sense for cetaceans? hearing
Which famous whale sings a low, moaning song that lasts for 10-20 minutes? humpback whale
What do we know about the whale's breathing system it is completely separate from its mouth
Cetacean's breath through their what? blowhole
when a whale slaps the water with its fluke and that is all that is above water lobtailing
Whales migrate in groups called what pods or herds
when a whale sits straight up out of the water with its head up spyhopping
What was whale blubber used for oil
these animals don't swim... they scoot, crawl, scurry burrow or slither benthic
The end of a whales tale is called a what? fluke
Whales are called "cetaceans" which are divided into what 2 groups? baleen whales and toothed whales
Created by: kjproverbs356