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4th Science Process2

CCS 4th gr Scientific Process

investigation a careful study used to answer a scientific question
scientific question a question that can be answered using data (it cannot be answered with an opinion)
variable the condition you change during an experiment
hypothesis a testable statement
experiment the part of some investigations when you change a condition and observe the effects of the change
data pieces of information, including facts and observations, such as words, pictures, or other descriptions
data table a tool used to record data in an organized way
model something that represents an object, an event, or an idea
three-dimensional model (3-D) a model that takes up space like the object it represents
diorama a 3-D model that shows a scene from an event or place
terrarium a model of a natural habitat that contains living and nonliving things
hand lens (also called a magnifying glass) a tool that makes small things look larger
binoculars a tool that makes things that look far away closer
telescope a tool that makes things that look far away closer
ruler a tool used to measure length
scale a tool used to measure mass
balance a tool used to measure mass: It has two pans, one for the object and the other for units to measure mass.
mass the amount of material in something
thermometer a tool used to measure temperature
temperature how hot or cold something is
beaker a tool used to measure the volume of a liquid
volume how much space something takes up
stopwatch a tool used to measure time
graph a tool used to help scientists see patterns in their data
bar graph a graph used to compare things
line graph a graph used to show how something changes over time
circle graph a graph used to show the parts of a whole
pattern has parts that repeat in a certain order
conclusion an answer to a scientific question
innovation introduction of something new or a new idea, method or device
invention process of turning ideas and imagination into new products, processes, or systems
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