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68wm6 p2 preop

Pre-op patient care

The three categories of anesthesia general, regional, and local
Define infarct localized area of necrosis caused by inadequate blood supply.
define intraoperative during surgery
Define Perioperative a term used to describe the entire term of the surgery, including what occurs before, during and after the operation.
When does the preoperative period begin? It begins with the decision to perform surgery
When does the preoperative period end? When the client reaches the operating area.
Note: Define all terms listed on page 1253, Chapter 42, Foundations and Adult Health Nursing; 6th Ed. Reference.... will add to stack.
What determines how the preop assessment is carried out? The urgency of the surgery.
When is a more thorough preop assessment warranted? When the surgery is NOT urgent.
If client has not followed preop instructions what should you do? Notify physician immediately
When is the best time during preop to teach the patient? Relatively close to the time of surgery.
In terms of pre-op Pt care, What does turning improve? venous return, respiratory function, gastrointestinal peristalsis
In terms of pre-op care, what facilitates the removal of retained mucus from the respiratory tract? Coughing excersises
What should be done before coughing to help stimulate the coughing reflex? Deep breathing.
What excersize helps expand collapsed lungs and prevent postoperative pneumonia and atelectasis? Deep breathing exersises
How often should deep breathing excersises be conducted? 5-10 times every hour
How often should an incentive spirometer be used? 10 times during each waking hour for the first 5 days after surgery
When should an incentive spirometer not be used? Immediately before and after meals.
What device is used to encourage deep breathing? Incentive spirometer
How should the PT be positioned for the use of an incentive spirometer? Have patient sit upright with head of bed elevated 45 degrees.
What should the PT do before using a incentive spirometer? The PT should take 2-3 normal breaths
How long should the PT hold their breath after inhaling from a incentive spirometer? 3-5 seconds.
What do leg excersizes help prevent? circulatory problems, such as thrombophlebitis, "gas pains“
By what must leg excersizes be individualized? *patient's needs *physical condition *physician preferences institution's protocol
How often should leg excersizes be repeated? Every 1-2 hours
What is Homans Sign? pain in the calf with dorsiflexion of the foot, indicating thrombophlebitis or thrombosis
What are at-risk conditions of antiembolism stockings? *pigmentation around ankles *pitting edema *peripheral cyanosis
What form covers the Request for Administration of Anesthesia and for Performance of Operations and other Procedures, and when should it be filled and signed? SF 522, prior to surgery
When is the client put on NPO before surgery? The midnight before.
True or False: A witness to a signature is attesting to patient's understanding the surgical risks False. The witness is witnessing the patient's signature.
How will you instruct the PT to turn? to raise one knee, reach across to grasp the side rail (on the side toward which he/she is turning) and roll over while pushing with the bent leg and pulling on the side rail.
What is useful in splinting the incision while the PT turns? A small pillow, folded towel, or laced fingers.
Created by: Shanejqb