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68WM6 Muscular Sys.

68WM6 A&P 2 Muscular System

What are the three types of muscle tissue? Skeletal, Cardiac and Smooth
What are the unique dark bands called that make up Cardiac Muscle? Intercallated disks
How is smooth muscle described? Involuntary, Non Striated and Visceral with a single nucleus
How is Skeletal muscle described? Striated and voluntary with multiple nuclei
What are the the functional parts of a skeletal muscle? Origin, Insertion and Body
How are sarcomere seperated from each other? Dark bands called Z-lines
What are the three primary functions of skeletal muscle? Movement, Posture or muscle tone and Heat Production
What contractions allow us to maintain body position? Tonic contractions
What produces most of the heat required to maintain normal body temperature? Contraction of muscle fibers
What is the result of muscle cells being repeatedly stimulated with adequate rest? Fatigue
What chemical produces the energy necessary for muscle contraction? ATP
What is produced when a muscle contracts without adequate oxygen? Lactic Acid (Soreness)
What is the metabolic effect required to burn excess lactic acid that may accumulate during prolonged periods of exercise? Oxygen Debt
What is needed to begin any muscle contraction? A Stimulus, or electrical nerve impulse
What is the specialized never that transmits an impulse to a muscle? Motor Neuron
What is the specialized point of contact between a nerve ending and the muscle it fires to? Neuromuscular Junction
What is the minimal level of stimulation required to cause a muscle fiber to contract? Threshold Stimulus
What are quick, jerky movements? Twitch
What are sustained and steady muscular contractions in rapid succession? Tetanic
What is strength training? Exercise involving contraction of muscles against heavy resistance
What is endurance training? Increasing a muscle's ability to sustain moderate exercise over a long perios of time
Created by: ewood004