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ICL1P1 - Lesson 6

by Jakob Sandberg for Chinese 2 course

Gěi - to; for
打電話 Dǎ diànhuà - to make a call
Wèi - "hello" on telephone
Zài - to be present
Jiù - exactly
Nín - you (polite)
Nǎ - which
Wèi - polite MW for people
下午 Xiàwǔ - afternoon
時間 Shíjiān - time
問題 Wèntí - question/problem
Yào - will
開會 Kāihuì - to have a meeting
上午 Shàngwǔ - morning
Jié - MW: class periods
Kè - class/course
年紀 Niánjì - grade in school
考試 Kǎoshì - test
以後 Yǐhòu - after
Kōng - free time
要是 Yàoshi - if
方便 Fāngbiàn - convenient
Dào - to go to; to arrive
辦公室 Bàngōngshì - office
Xíng - O.K.
Děng - to wait for
Bié - don't
客氣 Kèqì - polite
下個 Xià gè - next one
中文 Zhōngwén - Chinese language
Bāng - to help
準備 Zhǔnbèi - to prepare
練習 Liànxí - to practice
Shuō - to speak
a - sentence-final particle of exclamation
但是 Dànshì - but
De - must; to have to
Gēn - with
見面 Jiànmiàn - to meet with
回來 Huílái - to come back
Created by: jakobsandberg