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Lifepac unit 1

Marissa Martin

artificial Made by man; not natural.
auxin Growth chemical produced in plant leaf and root tips.
carbohydrate Chemical compound made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen(such as sugars, starches and cellulose).It is mostly formed by green plants.
complexity A quality of having a number of related units whose relationship is difficult to understand or imperfectly known.
cortex Storage parts of roots.
cuticle Waxy layer on epidermis.
epidermis Outer layer of cells.
enzyme Chemical used to help digestion.
fertilizer Chemicals added to plants to aid growth.
gibberellin Growth chemical made by plants.
glucose Sugar made during photosynthesis
legume A vegetable with seed pods.
manure Organic (natural) fertilizer.
palisade layer Layer of cells near near the top surface of the leaf which contains the chloroplasts.
phloem Tubes in plants carrying food downward.
respiration Chemical process of cells doing work; breathing.
spongy Soft, light,and full of holes like a sponge.
starch Many glucose units stacked together.
stomata Tiny opening on the underside of a leaf.
tundra The treeless Arctic plain where the sub-surfaceground is always frozen.
vascular cylinder Plant parts containing the phloem and xylem.
xylem Tubes in plants carrying water and minerals upward.
Created by: tami29