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Ecce Romani 27 SALT

Ecce Romani Chapter 27 vocabulary SALT

fēria, -ae holiday
fēriātī celebrating a holiday
spīna, -ae barrier in the middle of a race course
quadrīga, -ae chariot drawn by four horses
mēta, -ae turning post
signum, -ī signal
mappa, -ae white cloth, napkin, hanky
factiō, factiōnis chariot teams or companies
russatī The Reds
albātī The Whites
venetī The Blues
prasinī The Greens
mulier, mulieris, f. woman
faveō, -ēre, fāvī, fautūrus + dat. to give favor (to), support
dēvertō, -ere, dēvertī, dēversus to turn aside
humus, -ī ground, soil
vincō, vincere, vīcī, victus to conquer, win
ab-, abs-, ā- away, from
ad- to, toward
circum- around
con- along with, together (or simply to emphasize)
dē- down, down from
dis-, dī- apart, in different directions
ex-, ē- out, out of
in- into, in, on
inter- between
per- through (or simply to emphasize)
prae- in front, ahead
prō-, prod- forward
re-, red- back, again
sub- under, below
trāns-, trā across
Created by: cheetahpop