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68wm6 p2 Pain Assess

Pain Assessment

What are you looking for when you assess the site of pain? heat, redness, swelling, tenderness, abnormal position, and other irritating factors.
What are the physiological responses to pain you would look for during a pain assessment? Vital signs, Skin color, Presence of diaphoresis.
How long should heat therepy be applied to the site of pain? Unless continuous heat application is ordered, treatment time is usually 20 minutes
How much to you fill the reservoir of the aquathermic pad? Fill the reservoir container two-thirds full
What kind of fluid should the aquathermic pad be filled with? Distilled water
What setting should the aquathermic pad be set on? Low setting
The temperature of the water in the aquathermic pad should not exceed what? 105 F
True or False: The aquathermic pad can be placed on bare skin. False, there should be a towel or pillow case between the affected area and the pad.
True or False: A good thing to use to secure aquathermic pads is safety pins. False. Safety pins can puncture the pad.
How long after the application of the heating pad should the nurse check the skin for reactions? 2-3 minutes
How warm should a hot moist pack be Between 105-110 F (105-115 F per instructor)
True or False A hot moist pack should be kept dripping False A hot moist pack should be rung as dry as possible.
How long should the heat application be applied? No more than 20 minutes.
When should you remove the ice pack to assess the skins response to the cold? After 5-10 minutes.
After the initial assessment for the skins response, how often should you remove the ice-pack to check the skin? Every 10 minutes.
How long should the ice-pack treatment last? 30 minutes.
Fow long must you wait between ice-pack treatments? 30 minutes.
What is the temperature for a tepid bath? 70-80 F
How often should the Pts temp be taken in a tepid bath or cooling blanket? Every 15 minutes
When ordered to discontinue hypothermia, increase the temperature from ____ to ____, over ____ hours 30C - 37C, over 6 hours
Created by: Shanejqb