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68wm6 p2 Pain Mngmnt

Managing a patient with pain

Define Chronic Pain Persistent or recurrent pain lasting 3-6 months that is often more difficult to treat because changes occur in the nervous system. (Book answer is pain lasting 6 months and over)
Define Acute Pain Sudden pain that usually subsides when treated. One example of acute pain is post operative pain (Book answer is pain lasting less than 6 months)
Define Referred Pain Pain felt at a site other than the injured or diseased organ or part of the body.
What is the Gate Control Theory? A theory that suggests that pain impulses are regulated and even blocked by gating mechanisms located along the central nervous system (CNS)
Define Noxious Pain Injurious to physical health.
What is the most difficult pain to treat? Chronic pain.
What are potent polypeptides composed of many amino acids found in the pituitary gland and other areas of the CNS. Endorphines.
What activates endorphines? Stress and pain.
Define the pain threshold The level of stimulus needed to produce a painful sensation.
Define pain tolerance The amount of pain a patient can endure without its interfering with normal function, which is called the physiologic element of pain.
What type of pain generally provides a warning of actual or potential tissue damage. Acute pain
What pain usually subsides when treated? Acute pain
True or False: In order for pain to be considered chronic, it must be a continuous pain sensation lasting 3 or more months. False. Chronic pain can also be intermittant (come and go)
Define breakthrough pain Pain that occurs between doses of medications.
Define central pain Pain resulting from any disorder that causes central nervous system damage.
Define somatic pain Pain that originates from skeletal muscles, ligaments or joints.
Characteristics of pain for the pain assessment Site, Severity, Duration, Location
List three physiological signs of pain Tachycardia, Increased depth & frequency of respirations, Increased systolic or diastolic BP, Pallor and diaphoresis, Dilated pupils, Increased muscle tension, Nausea and vomiting with severe pain
List three behavioral signs of pain Changes in facial expression, Clenching of fists, Crying, Moaning, Tossing in bed, Assuming fetal position, Clutching the effected body part
What information should be gathered regarding pain medication? Name of drug, dose, frequency and effectiveness.
List three psychological pain management techniques Distraction and diversion, Talking, Relief of anxiety, Hypnosis, Deep control breathing, Group therapy
What are 3 techniques of pain control? Physical, psychological and medication
What is the name of the pain scale that utilizes faces and who is it generally used for? Wong-Baker, Its usually used for children.
Created by: Shanejqb