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HLTH 330

1700 college students die from alcohol related injuries each year
What prescription drug is abused most by college students? Adderall, Rittalin (stimulants)
What % of college students don't use sunscreen? 10%
What are college students least likely to seek help for? help with mental disorders
What is the 2nd leading cause of death among college students? suicide
when do eating disorders spike among college students? february/ march
How accurate is freshman 15? really about 6 lbs
Most under reported crime sexual assault
how many choose to refrain from sex? 20%
1 in 4 college students suffer from a mental illness
most difficult adjustment to college life time management
18% of males and 2% of females are trying to gain weight
# of energy drinks that came on the market in 2006 500
what is SAD? how is it treated? seasonal affective disorder, light therapy
only 10% of college students do this every day floss
60% of college students are sleep deprived
how likely are college students who have been sexually assaulted to know their attacker? 80-90%
95% of adult size size of brain by age 6
Basal cell and squamous cell types of skin cancer
Art and science of helping adults learn androgogy
Freshman living in dorms high risk of meningitis
Connections that are “hard wired” the ones you use more
Exercise science #1 major at BYU
Effective Against 4 of the 5 types vaccine for meningitis
London Cab driver highly developed hippocampus
6 categories of risk behavior unintentional injuries, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, pregnancies and STD’s, alcohol and other drugs, Tobacco use
24.6%-39.6%- REMEMBER percentage of college students 18-24 1974-2008
Not homogenous adult learners
7 interactive components that support health education health services, healthy school environment, health promotion, counseling and psychological services, nutrition services, family community involvement, physical education
Persistent/unwelcome thoughts that lead to ritualistic practices to control these thoughts OCD
20% have long-term disabilities such as brain damage meningitis
Identifies what they should be able to know national health education standard
Mylelin sheaths White matter
“still being built during teenage years” Prefrontal cortex
Unexpected growth spurt before puberty Thickening of the grey matter
Keenly aware of the flaws of others Teenagers
Thinking part of the brain Prefrontal cortex
Particularly cruel irony of nature Teenage brain is most vulnerable, but high risk of using drugs and alcohol
Remember your own adolescence
Family is a critical factor Adolescent development, decision making
Not similar in twins Cerebellum
3.86 pounds average freshman weight gain
Accelerated and uneven adolescent growth
Coordinated something coordinated school health program
First priority when working with youth Build trust
Psychotic episode often one of first signs Schizophrenia
Primary sex characteristics genitalia
Autism might be a result of Insufficient prenatal pruning
Only small percent become suicidal self harming students
Jay giedd Adolescent brain guy
Use it or lose it connections in brain
PTSD, OCD, GAD, SAD Post traumatic stress disorder generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder
Most deadly skin cancer Malignant melanoma
6% of BYU students Are international Higher than national average
Vicodin, oxycontin Pain killers often abused by college students
About 1/3 are due to agoraphobia Panic attacks
Believe feelings, experiences, and problems are unique Adolescents
Brain region that puts brakes on risky behavior Prefrontal cortex
For health education to reach its maximum effectiveness Coordinated school health program
Equally common in men and women, men have early symptoms Schizophrenia
Good news about depression Can be treated
Girls tend to one or two years earlier than boys Puberty
Fully develops in late 20s Prefrontal cortex
Represent highest % ever College students 18-24
What is going on inside doesn’t always reflect on the outside
Social maturity lags behind physical and intellectual
14-17% at least once, 5-8% actively Self harming behavior
Like asking a wingless bird to fly Asking a depressed person to not be depressed
3 factors that contribute most to lack of academic success sleep, stress, flu
.7% year grey matter thins out in teenage years
Traditionally content focused and emphasis on knowledge School health education
Occurs without warning Panic attacks
% of nontraditional students 38%
% with college degree 27%
Secrete endorphins to protect from pain Self harming
Now known to help coordinate cognitive processes Cerebellum
7 southeast states and south Dakota Hispanic population doubled from 2000-2010
Highest percent of Hispanics new mexico
Ramadan month of fasting
Promotoras de salud health promoters
Fatalism, personalismo, familismo, simpatia key Hispanic cultural values
Hallmark of adolescence change
Often incorrectly identify emotions Adolescent
Use amygdala when making decisions of what emotions are portrayed Adolescents, adults use prefrontal cortex
Over production, competitive elimination Technical terms for brain development
Every 20 minutes Break in concentration
Max is 20 minutes Attention span
Enhances memory consolidation Sleep
Malcolm Knowles father of androgogy
concert pianist vs. orchestra conductor teaching continuum: pedagogy vs androgogy
20/40/80 memory 20% if visual, 40% visual &hearing, 80% visual, hearing, & doing
VAK visual, auditory, kinesthetic learning
African Americans have highest health disparities
Give attention to the literal or explicit meanings of words and messages are conveyed more by words than by nonverbal means low context communication, when relying on situation- high context
lack cause leptin to decrease and ghrelin to increase lack of sleep and weight gain
highest number of muslims Indonesia
Hijab head covering
Halal similar to kosher
Believe after childbirth the placenta must be buried Cambodian/hmong- article traditional belief of hmong
Motivating force that makes one want to work with people from diverse cultures Cultural desire
Cancer with highest disparity between whites and blacks Prostate cancer
Salat prayers
Hajj pilgrimage to mecca
Shahada profession of faith
Zakat charitable giving
Eid al-fitr feast at the end of ramadan
5 pillars shahada: profession of faith, salat: prayers 5 times daily, zakat: charitable giving, sawm: religious fasting, Hajj: pilgrimage to mecca
Created by: shmoowalker