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68wm6 P2 C&A therapy

Complementary and Alternative Medicine therapy

What are Alapathy/Alapathic Terms for traditional/convential western medicine
A type of massage where finger pressure is placed on specific body sites primarily for prevention and relief of symptoms of muscle tension Acupressure
A non-invasive method of determining patients neuromuscular and autonomic nervous system responce by measuring body functions with the use of electric or eletromechanical equipment Biofeedback
Therapies in addition to conventional treatment recommended by a persons healthcare provider Complimentary therapies
nursing interventions such as relaxation therapy, guided imagery, music therapy, simple touch, massage and prayer used to treat the mind-body-spirit of the patient Holistic nursing
visualization techniques which use the conscious mind to create mental images to evoke physical changes in the body, create a sense improved well-being, and enhance self-awareness Imagery
a system of massaging specific areas of the foot to relieve stress, enabling the release of disharmonies by a physiologic change in the body. Reflexology
What does CAM stand for? Complementary and Alternative therapies
These therapies frequently become the primary treatment modality that replaces conventional treatments. Alternative therapy
Clients use this form of therapy, thinking it is less invasive and gentler than traditional medicine.  Alternative therapy
This year the last herbal schools closed 1930
goal of this therapy is to restore balance within the client by facilitating the client’s self-healing ability through the use of natural substances. Herbal therapy
True or False: manufacturer is not required by law to demonstrate the safety, efficacy, or quality of herbal products. True
------->Commonly used herbs: See Table 17-1 on page 419-420, Foundations and Adult Health Nursing.<-------- Refer for test
------>Drug interactions should be identified: See Table 8-1, p. 92, Pharmacology and the Nursing Process, 6th Edition for a list of selected herbs and dietary supplements and their possible drug interactions.<------ Refer for test
The drug Digoxin is derived from what herb? Fox Glove
True or False: Chiropractic therapy is based on holistic beliefs in the body’s ability to take care of itself. True
Does the chiropractic doctor prescribe medications? No, they use other treatment modalities such as Hot or Cold packs, weight loss or excersize.
What form of CAM is chiropractic treatments? Alternative
The specific points used for acupuncture Meridians
What is acupressure generally used for? acupressure reduces tension, increases circulation, and enables the body to relax deeply, Relieving stress
True or False: Acupuncture and accupressure work with just one treatment False
Can therapeutic massage be given by a LPN? Yes, but only if he/she is properly trained.
When is a therapeutic massage contraindicated? Patient with phlebitis or thrombosis should avoid massage of the infected area. patients with infectious skin diseases. 
what should be done Before any massages are done? A general health profile should be done and contraindications identified.
Can oils and lotions be used for therapeutic massage? Yes, but check the client for allergies first.
Why should aromatherapy be avoided during pregnancy? Many aromatherapy agents have potential abortifacient effects.
Who are essential oils contraindicated for in aroma therapy? a client with atopic eczema.
What is the purpose of specific scents that are used in aromatherapy? Specific scents are thought to relax or stimulate, improve digestion, increase hormone production & improve circulation or memory
Aromatherapy: antiseptic useful for coughs and colds, bronchitis, viral infections, muscular aches, rheumatic conditions. Eucalyptis
Aromatheraopy: calming useful for premenstrual pain/tension, indigestion, mildly antiallergenic, rhinitis, acne, excema, and other sensitive skin conditions. Chamomile
Aromatherapy: mildly analgesic useful for headaches, wounds, bruises, antiseptic, insect bites, oily skin, acne, swelling, calming insomnia, mild depression. Lavender
Aromatherapy: antidepressant useful for depression, postnatal depression, strengthening contractions during labor, aphrodisiac. Jasmine
Aromatherapy: mildly sedative useful for insomnia, anxiety, nervous depression, mildly warming, improving circulation, acne, premenstrual tension/pain, backache. Neroli
What is magnet therapy used for? Magnets are used to increase circulation, increase energy, and decrease pain.
Contraindications of Magnet therapy *Pregnancy. *Patients with pacemakers *Insulin delivery system *Cochlear implants *Anyone using an electric blanket or heating pad *Myasthenia gravis (muscle weakness) *Hyperthyroidism *Hypothalamic and pituitary dysfunctions
The relaxation response in relaxation therapy is characterized by Decreased heart and respiratory rates.   Decreased blood pressure.   Decreased oxygen consumption.  Increased alpha brain activity.  Increased peripheral skin temperature.
Identify two ways in which imagery therapy can be performed. Self-directed or guided.
------>Teaching strategies of imagery and relaxation therapies - see Box 17-2, p. 427.<------ Refer for test.
The word yoga means ________ “yoke” or union of the personal self with the divine source.
State two benefits of yoga. *tone the muscles in body and around the internal organs, heart, lungs, glands, and nerves. *Increases flexibility of the spine. *Good for treating chronic back problems. *Beneficial for nervous system, promoting deep relaxation/reduction of stress.
Created by: Shanejqb