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Chapter 9 and 10

breathing & skin

Upper respiratory tract the part of the respiratory system that consists of the nose, mouth, pharynx, epiglottis, and laynx.
Lower respiratory tract The part of the respiratory system that consists of the trachea, bronchial tree,and lungs.
Nose Where air enters and exits thte body through the nose
Nas/o and rhin/0 combing form for nose
Snout The rigidity of the nose
Nostrils or nares paired external openings of the respiratory tract.
Nasal septum the wall that divides the nasal cavity
Cilia Parts of the respiratory tract that contain thin hairs
Cyanosis An abnormal condition of blue discoloration.
Aspiration Inhaling a foreign substance into the upper respiratory tract.
Hypoxia below normal levels of oxygen
Surfactant Liquid that reduces alveolar surface tension
Sequela A condition following as a consequence of disease
Antitussive A substance that works against, controls, or stops a cough
Polyp A growth or mass protruding from a mucous membrane
Bronchi Tubes that bifurcate from the trachea
Epistaxis A nosebleed
Windpipe trachea
throat pharynx
voice box larynx
chest thorax
nostril naris
cilia tiny hairs
edema abnormally large amounts of fluid in the intercellular tissue spaces.
atelectasis incomplete expansion of the alveoli
anoxia absence of oxygen
hemoptysis spitting up of blood from the lower respiratory tract
acute occurring over a short course
chronic occurring over a long course
auscultation act of listening
Ox/i, Ox/o, Ox/y Oxygen
Pulm/o, pulmon/o lung
Pneum/o, Pneumon/o, Pneu relating to air and lungs
Ventilation and breathing Fresh air
Pneumonia Abnormal condition of the lung that usually involves inflammation and congestion of the lung
Asphyxiation Interruption of breathing resulting in lack of oxygen
Mucus Slimelike substance that is composed of glandular secretion, salts, cells, and leukocytes
Asthma Chronic allergic disorder
Diaphragm Muscle that seperates the thoracic and abdominal cavities
Endotracheal tube Passage of a tube through the oral cavity pharnx, larynx into the windpipe
Intubate Insertion of a tube
Inspiratory dyspnea Difficult breathing
Cough A sudden noisy expulsion of air from the lungs
Cyanotic Blue discrimination
Diagnosis Determing cause of disease
Laryngeal spasm Sudden fluttering or closure of the voice box
Tracheotomy Surgical incision into the windpipe
Anorexia Lack or loss of appetite
Pyrexic Fever
Bovine Ox or cattle
Pneumonic Pertaining to the lungs
Pruritus Itching
Erythema Skin redness
Atopy Hypersensitivity reaction in animals involving pruritus with secondary dermatitis
Alopecia Hair loss resulting in hairless patches or complete lack of hair
Infestation Occupation and dwelling of parasites on the external skin surfaces
Pyoderma A skin disease containing pus
Purulent Producing or contaiining pus
Cellulitis Inflammation of connective tissue
Putrefaction Foul smelling decay
Vibrissa Large tactile hair
Seborrhea A skin condition characterized by overproduction of sebum(oil)
Skin flake Scale
Pallor Skin paleness
Keratin Protein that provides ksin with its waterproff properties
Debridement Removal of tissue and foeign material to aid healing
Abscess A localized collection of pus
Lipoma A benign growth of fat cells
Necrotic Pertaining to dead tissue
Ulcer Erosion of skin or mucous membrane
Melanoma A tumer or growth of pigmented skin
Urticaria hive
acute moist dermatitis hot spot
lipoma fatty tumor
pallor pale
vesicle blister
cicatrix scar
sebum oil
abrasion scrape
furuncle boil
erythema redness
verrucae allergic dermatitis
polled hornless
fissure crack
fat cells adipocytes
dermis middle layer of skin
subcutaneous deepest layor of the skin
collagen protein material found in skin, hair, and nails
pus inflammatory product made up of leukocytes, cell debris, and fluid
carcinoma malignant neoplasm of epithelial tissue
sudoriferous glands sweat glands
sebaceous glands oil glands
comedo buildup of sebum and keratin in a pore
Hidrosis production and secretion of sweat
Mange skin disease caused by mites
otitis inflammation of the ear
dermatologist skin specialist
pyoderma a skin disease with pus
IM intramuscular
ruminating chewing process
R rankine
HR heart rate
RR Respiratory rate
palpation examination by feeling
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