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Lab Safety

Introduction to the Lab

observation the act of making and recording a measurement
inference logical conclusion based on observations
hypothesis possible explanation for a set of observations or possible answer to a scientific question
eyewash fountain water fountain in lab to wash out eyes in case of an emergency
fire blanket This needs to be used if any clothing items ever catch fire.
fume hood well-ventilated, closed area that allows you to work or do experiments without breathing in excess fumes.
fire extinguisher a manually operated device for extinguishing small fires
safety shower used to flush chemicals off body. This type of safety equipment is used when chemicals have splashed onto an individual's body. It provides an immediate heavy rinse to remove the chemical.
Sharps Container Plastic biohazard containers for disposable needles and anything sharp
waft something, such as an odor, carried through the air
graduated cylinder instrument used to measure volume of a liquid
meniscus Curve of the liquid (read the bottom of the curve)
triple beam balance An instrument that uses a set of three sliding riders to measure mass.
hot plate a lab tool used to heat substances
safety goggles A piece of equipment that protects your eyes
mass the amount of matter in an object
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