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Renal & GU System

Review CR

Anuria absence of urinary output
Arteriovenous graft a surgical connection between an artery and a vein used for hemodyalisis
Cutaneous ureterostomy a surgical implantation of the ureter to the surface of the skin
Cystectomy the surgical removal of the urinary bladder
Cystitis the inflammation of the urinary bladder
Dialysis the passage of blood through a semipermeable membrane to remove waste products
Dysuria painful urination
End Stage Reanl Failure the chronic loss of kidney function that requires dialysis or renal transplant
Fistula a blind puoch between two adjacent srtuctures or an abnormal tube-like connection between a body cavity and the skin or another body cavity
Glumerulonephritis an inflammation of the kidney caused by an antigen antibody reaction
Hematuria presence of blood in the urine
Ileal Conduit a urinary diversion created by transplanting the ureters into a prepared and isolated segment of the ileum
Ileal reservoir a urinary diversion created by transplanting the ureters into a surgically created cavity made from a prepared segment of the ileum
Nephrectomy the removal of the kidney
Nephrotic Syndrome a collection of symptoms characterized by generalized edema and hypoalbuminemia
Oliguria decreased urinary output
Polyarteritis nodosa disease of the small or medium arteries characterized by imflammation and necrosis that results in diminished blood flow to areas supplied by the affected vessels
Scleroderma pregressive hardening of the skin
Systemic lupus erythematosus autoimmune disorder that involves multiple organ sytems
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