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Geriatric Terms

Words To Learn In Geriatric Care

Bed Cradle frame used to prevent the bed clothes from touching all or part of the client's body. Used with clients who have fractures; extensive burns and or open painful wounds.
Closed Bed Closed Bed is a bed made up ready for a new admin client. Covers pulled up to the head of the bed over the bottom covers. A pillow placed on top of the linens.
Open Bed A bed in which a client is already assigned
Egg Crate Mattress foam rubber mattress with a surface shaped like an egg carton, used to provide comfort
Floatation Mattress contains a special gel type material which supports the body or body part in such a way as to avoid creating pressure points.
Foot Drop abnormal flexion or a deformity
Mitered corners folding the sheet in such a way that after it's tucked under the mattress it makes a "mitered" corner with the sheet
Occupied Bed Occupied by a client
Post operative bed bed made with a draw sheet under the hips disposable pads under the draw sheet, 2nd draw sheet under client's head. For client returning from surgery.
Traction series of ropes and pulleys and weights serves to keep a body part in proper alinement
Trapeze Horizonal bar hanging on chains attached to a large overhead frame attached to the bed. Used by client to pull up, to reposition, exercise to strengthen upper body.
Unoccupied bed Bed that is empty at the time it is made and it is the easiest bed to make.
Dental Caries tooth decay, causing other oral problems such as bad breath (halitosis)
Friable Fragile skin usually in the elderly client
nits lice eggs attached to hair folicles
pediculosis lice infestation
perineal care genital hygiene, bathing
pyorrhea copius discharge of puss
Smegma sebaceous glad secretions
sordes foul dark spots that form around the teeth and lips in a low grade fever.
Backrub Techniques There are SIX (SKT...FBV) Stroking (effleurage) E flu rage long smooth strokes with palms of hands. In direction of venous circulation. Up the middle of the back then out to the shoulders then down the sides.
Kneading (Petrissage or foulage) because kneading muscles is sometimes painful... pt may be petrified and foul mouthed Pressing on muscle groups. Picking them up and squeezing them.
Tapping (tapotement) tapping with edge of the hand
Friction Rubbing around body's bony prominences. End of spine and shoulder blades
Brushing (frolement) -"Back and fro" brushing lightly with fingertips
Vibration cupped palms rhythmically moving the skin, cause to shake and quiver
Hirsutism Excessive facial hair on women
Seborrheic dermatitis Dandruff
Created by: gillygun