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Pharmacology PPC

What drugs act as haptens on platelets? ASA, Heparin, Quinidine
What drugs act as haptens on RBCs? "PAD PACS": Penicillamine, alpha-MeDopa, Dapsone, PTU, Anti-Malarials, Cephalosporins, Sulfa drugs
What drugs wipe out the bone marrow? Vinblastine, AZT, Benzene, Chloramphenicol
What drugs wipe out granulocytes? Carbamazapine, Clozapine, Ticlopidine
What drugs cause pulmonary fibrosis? "BBAT": Busulfan, Bleomycin, Amiodarone, Tocainide
What drugs dilate veins and arteries? ACE-I and Nitrates
What are the anti-inflammatory actions of steroids? "KIISS": Kills T-cells and Eosinophils Inhibits MP migration and Phospholipase A Stabilizes Mast Cell Membranes and Endothelium
What do opioid mu receptors cause? Mental side effects
What do opioid kappa receptors cause? Pain relief
What drugs have Sulfur in them? ACE-I, Dapsone, Celocoxib, Loop diuretics, Thiazide diuretics, Sulfonylureas, Sulfonamides
What are the short-acting DM Type 1 drugs? Lispro, Aspart, Regular
What are the intermediate-acting DM Type 1 drugs? NPH, Lente
What are the long-acting DM Type I drugs? Glargine, Ultralente
What drugs cause SLE? "HIPPPE": Hydralazine, INH, Procainamide, Phenytoin, Penicillamine, Ethosuxamide
What antibody is associated with drug-induced lupus? Anti-Histone Antibody
What drugs cause labor induction? Prostaglandin E2-ripens cervix Oxytocin-increases contractions Pitocin-increases contractions
What drugs cause labor halt = Tocolytics? Hydration (stop ADH = Oxytocin) MgSO4-decreases contractions Terbutaline-decreases contractions Ritodrine-increases edema
What drugs can be Nephrotoxic? Water soluble drugs
What drugs can be Hepatotoxic? Fat Soluble drugs
How do you treat Acetaminophen overdose? N-acetylcysteine
How do you treat Benzodiazepine overdose? Flumazenil
How do you treat Beta-Blocker overdose? Glucagon
How do you treat CCB overdose? Calcium Chloride + Glucagon
How do you treat CO poisoning? 100% CO2
How do you treat Cu, Gold, Cd, Mercury, Arsenic poisoning? Penicillamine
How do you treat Cyanide poisoning? Amyl Nitrate
How do you treat Ethylene Glycol, MeOH overdose? EtOH, Fomepizole
How do you treat Fe overdose? Deferoxamine
How do you treat Fibrinolytic overdose? Aminocaproic Acid
How do you treat Heparin overdose? Protamine Sulfate
How do you treat Lithium overdose? Sodium polystyrene Sulfonate
How do you treat Nitrite overdose? Methylene Blue
How do you treat Organophosphate poisoning? Atropine + Pralidoxime
How do you treat Opioid overdose? Naloxone
How do you treat Pb poisoning? Succimer
How do you treat Salicylate overdose? Charcoal
How do you treat TCA overdose? Bicarbonate (prevent arrhythmias)
How do you treat Theophylline overdose? Esmolol
How do you treat Warfarin overdose? Vit K
What drugs cause myositis? "RIPS": Rifampin, INH, Prednisone, Statins
What drugs cause disulfiram reactions? Metronidazole, Cephalosporins, Procarbazine
What drugs cause dysgeusia? Metronidazole, Clarithromycin, Li
What antibiotics are in a triple antibiotic? "Brand New Potient": Bacitracin, Neomycin, Polymyxin D
What is the 1-dose treatment for Chlamydia? Azithromycin
What is the 1-dose treatment for Gonorrhea? "Try to Fix the Fox with Floxs": Ceftriaxone, Cefixeme, Cefoxitin, Ciprofloxacin, Ofloxacin, Gatifloxacin
What bugs are treated with Vancomycin? MRSA, Staph. Epidermidis, Enterococcus
What is the treatment for Malaria? Quinine-tinnitus Mefloquine-good liver penetration Primaquine-prevents relapse, high bug resistance Chloraquine-kills RBCs
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