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Cardiovascular MT

Terms from the cardiovascular system

Cardio heart
Vasculo blood vessels
Ar pertaining to
Peri around
Um singular noun ending
Epi upon
Myo muscle
Endo within
Artero artery
Ial pertaining to
Erythro red
Cytes cells
Leuko white
Phago to eat or to swallow
Cyto cell
Osis abnormal condition
Lympho lymph
Thrombo clot
Ologist specialist
Athero plaque or fatty substance
Sclerosis abnormal hardening
Oma tumor
Ischo hold back
Emia blood or blood condition
megaly abnormal enlargement
itis inflammation
valvulo valve
brady slow
ia abnormal condition
tachy fast
angio vessel
spasm tightening or cramping
stenosis abnormal narrowing
hemangio blood vessel
poly many
phlebo vein
tic pertaining to
embolo something inserted
ism condition
us singular noun ending
dys bad
crasia mixture or blending
hemo blood
chromate color
lytic to destroy
hyper excessive
lipid fat
an without or less than
plasto growth
a without
ic pertaining to
graphy process of recording
electro electric
re again
ectomy surgical removal
valvo valve
plasty surgical repair
aneurysmo aneurysm
stasis stopping or controlling
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