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St. Cloud CJIS Recer

Study for CJIS Recertification Exam

Determine what information is available through FCIC. Information contained in the FCIC database includes but is not limited to the following Statewide information on persons and property, driver’s license and registration information, wanted and missing persons, stolen guns, vehicles, and other property, and persons’ status files and computerized criminal history.
Identify the location of FCIC and NCIC FCIC is housed at FDLE in Tallahassee, FL NCIC is housed and maintained by the FBI in Clarksburg, WV
Identify the national communications link available through FCIC FCIC connects to the International Justice and Public Safety Information Sharing Network. (NLETS)
Identify the legal issues for confidential information that is disseminated for non-law-enforcement purposes Misuse of the FCIC/NCIC system can result in both disciplinary and legal action including termination against the officers involved. The agency involved could lose as an FCIC terminal site.
Identify what information to provide when requesting a check When requesting information on a wanted or missing person, officers should provide all identification data available, such as name, race, sex, date of birth, physical features, approximate height and weight, etc. For vehicle or vessel identification infor
Identify the major assets of the FCIC Enables officers to gather criminal history or stolen property information, so they can appropriately deal with many incidents.
Created by: nzilke