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Sociology Chpt 3

The College Network prep course for CLEP exam

absolute poverty The state where people are deprived of basic necessities and struggle for day-to-day survival.
achieved status A social position that an individual voluntarily occupies as a result of their effort or choice.
activity theory The concept that a high level of personal activity increases the life satisfaction of older people.
acute diseases Diseases that occur suddenly and cause a dramatic decline in daily functioning, including death.
age stratification The unequal distribution of wealth, prestige, and power at different stages of the life course.
ageism Discrimination and prejudice against a person or group on the bases of age.
agents of socialization Those groups, institutions, and people from which we learn the patterns of our culture.
aggregates Collections of people who happen to be in the same place at the same time.
Amitai Etzioni Identified the three types of formal organizations on the basis of purpose of participation.
animism The belief that elements of the natural world are imbued with a spiritual or life force that has an influence on the rest of the world.
anomie A condition or situation of normlessness in which society provides little moral and behavioral guidance to individuals.
anticipatory socialization Social learning that is directed towards occupying a new position and the expected behaviors of that position.
ascribed status A social position that is acquired at birth or involuntarily acquired later in life.
assimilation Process by which members of subordinate groups adapt to and become absorbed by the dominant culture.
Auguste Comte Coined the term sociology and believed that the application of the scientific method to the study of industrial society would lead to its improvement.
authoritarian personality A personality characterized by rigid conformity to conventional expectitions, insecurity, intolerance,stereotypic thinking, and submissiveness to authority.
authoritarianism A political system in which people are denied the ability to participate in government.
authority Power that peopl perceive as legitimate.
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