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Reading strategies and more

What are the 5 reading strategies? Predicting, visualizing, making connections, questioning, summarizing.
How do you unlock a words meaning by using word parts? Prefix, root and suffix.
What are 6 ways to unlock a meaning> Context clues, definition, example, synonym/antonym contrast and inference.
What are the 3 reading strategies? Planning, do-read and review.
What are the 4 planning strategies? (Hint:PACE) Preview the selection. Activate prior knowledge. Clarify specific purpose. Estimate how difficult the material is.
What is an idiom? An expression that has a meaning other than the common meaning of the words in the expression.
What is a phrase? An expression without a subject and verb.
What is a clause? An expression containing a subject and verb.
What are 2 types of clauses? Independent and dependent.
What are the 2 parts to a sentence? Subject and verb.
What is a fragment? An incomplete sentence or thought.
What is a comma splice? 2 INDEPENDENT clauses connected by only a comma.
What is a run-on sentence? 2 or more INDEPENDENT clauses are joined without proper punctuation.
What are the 8 parts of speech? Noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, conjunction, preposition and interjection.
What is a subject? Tells who or what the sentence is about or talking about.
What is a verb/predicate? Tells what the subject is doing or what is being said about the subject.
What are the 7 coordinating conjunctions? (Hint:FANBOYS) For,And,Nor,But,Or,Yet,So
What is an independent clause? Has a subject and verb and makes sense all by its self.
That is a dependent clause? Depends on the rest of the sentence in order to make sense.
What are semicolons used for? Used to join 2 or more INDEPENDENT clauses.
What are colons used for? Used to announce info that sums up or restates info.
What is a good way to find an authors point or main idea? (Hint: umbrella idea) Look for a general statement. Then decide if that statement is supported by most of the other material.
Where is the main idea found? Anywhere.
List 4 clues authors use to indicate the topic of a paragraph. Repeated words, italics or bold print, topic appears as a heading,the topic appears once at the beginning and is the referred to throughout the paragraph as pronouns.
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