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to visit (a place); to tour 參觀 cān guān
audience 觀眾 guān zhòng
history 歷史 lì shǐ
American history 美國歷史 měi guó lì shǐ
ancient history 古代史 gǔ dài shǐ
modern history 近代史 jìn dài shǐ
museum 博物館 bó wù guǎn
Ph.D. 博士 bó shì
restaurant 飯館 fàn guǎn
library 圖書館 tú shū guǎn
science 科學 kē xué
a subject; a course 學科 xué kē
newly-built 新建的 xīn jiàn de
built; established 建成 jiàn chéng
American Indians 印地安人 yìn dì ān rén
to print; printing 印刷 yìn shuā
getting better all the time 越來越好 yuè lái yuè hǎo
to keep 保有 bǎo yǒu
to protect 保護 bǎo hù
ancestor; ancestry; grand parents 祖先 zǔ xiān
grandfather 祖父 zǔ fù
to stay 留下來 liú xià lái
student who study overseas 留學生 liú xué shēng
to emigrate; immigrant 移民 yí mín
to move (a thing); to shift (oneself) 移動 yí dòng
election 選舉 xuǎn jǔ
choice; selection 選擇 xuǎn zé
ballot 選票 xuǎn piào
(bus or train) ticket 車票 chē piào
strength; force 力量 lì liàng
measure word; quantifier 量詞 liàng cí
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