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to hold (an event) 舉辦 jǔ bàn
method 辦法 bàn fǎ
short term 短期 duǎn qí
very short 很短 hěn duǎn
sports camp 運動營 yùn dòng yíng
to camp 露營 lù yíng
to welcome 歡迎 huān yíng
welcome party 迎新會 yíng xīn huì
to participate; to take part in 參加 cān jiā
politics 政治 zhèng zhì
government 政府 zhèng fǔ
city government 市政府 shì zhèng fǔ
coach 教練 jiào liàn
practice; drill 練習 liàn xí
to throw a ball 投球 tóu qiú
pitcher 投手 tóu shǒu
to pass a ball 傳球 chuán qiú
legend 傳說 chuán shuō
to catch a ball 接球 jiē qiú
to receive (a lower rank person); to grant an interview 接見 jiē jiàn
a ball team 球隊 qiú duì
to wait in line 排隊 pái duì
tennis 網球 wǎng qiú
to go on the internet 上網 shàng wǎng
baseball 棒球 bàng qiú
wonderful 很棒 hěn bàng
to decide; a decision 決定 jué dìng
determination 決心 jué xīn
to pay close attention; to focus 專心 zhuān xīn
for the specific use of (or by) 專用 zhuān yòng
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