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to chat; a chat 談天 tán tiān
to converse; a conversation 談話 tán huà
all day long 整天 zhěng tiān
to arrange 整理 zhěng lǐ
newspaper 報紙 bào zhǐ
report 報告 bào gào
white paper 白紙 bái zhǐ
television 電視 diàn shì
nearsightedness 近視眼 jìn shì yǎn
well bottom 井底 jǐng dǐ
under; below 底下 dǐ xià
frog at the bottom of a well 井底之蛙 jǐng dǐ zhī wā
story 故事 gù shì
on purpose 故意 gù yì
consequently; therefore 因此 yīn cǐ
grandfather 爺爺 yé ye
in fact; actually 其實 qí shí
any; all 任何 rèn hé
how; (no matter) what 如何 rú hé
to refuse 不肯 bù kěn
undoubtedly 肯定 kěn dìng
to study hard 用功 yòng gōng
homework 功課 gōng kè
to learn; to study; learning 學習 xué xí
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