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BP drops in pregnancy @ _______w 24w
What Hb levels need treatment with Fe in pregnancy <11 (<10.5 in 2nd trimester)
folate given to pregnant woman? 400microG, 4mg if previous neural defect OR antiepileptics
what tests done at 16-18w, 18w, 24-28w? 16: quad screen. 18: USG for dates. 24: OGTT (50g, if 130+, 100g 3h), Rhogram given to Rh-
What test checks L:S ratio amniocentesis (16w+)
cord sample is used for what reason check fetal TSH status, quick results needed, fetal thrombocytopenia
quad screen of trisomy 18 v 21? all have: low AFP+est, raised inhA. BhCG is used to distinguish: Downs has high hCG. Edwards has low hCG
Rx if gestational DM insulin
what cardiac anomaly ass with GDM transposition of great vessels
Rx of pre-eclampsia for: near term, away from term with mild dz, away from term with severe dz? near term: deliver that shit. away, mild: advise bed rest, NST/protein levels 2x/wk. away, severe: admit, BP maintenance + MgSO4 (continued until 24h after delivery)
difference in Mg admin btwn pre eclampsia and eclampsia? pre: 24h after delivery. eclampsia: 48h after delivery
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