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HNPCC is related to what gynecological cancer Endometrial
treatment of endometrial CA if no kids desired? TAH-BSO. (if kids wanted, give progestins...only if CA is limited to lining)
When do you start PAP smear? When do you stop? start at 21, stop at 65. every year until 30, then every 3 year
Rx if Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance (ASCUS) found? HPV screen, PAP q3m until 3 consecutive negative. (2 positive smears = colposcopy)
Rx of Atypical Sq Cells, cannot exclud HSIL? treat as HSIL [CIN II,III] (coloposcopy, LEEP excision, 6m surveillance)
Rx of LSIL [CIN I]? Rx as ASCUS, i.e. HPV screen, PAP q3m until 3 clear. (colposcopy if 2 positive PAPs)
SCC of cervix, Rx? hysterectomy w/ cervectomy
what ovarian tumor secretes estrogen? granulosa cell tumor
MCC of ovarian Ca? serous tumor (has large psamomma bodies)
smooth ovarian growth on USG is likely benign
#1 risk factor for ovarian ca ovulation (therefore OCPs are protective)
leaves falling from a tree..describes? the mets into peritoneum of ovarian ca
what is the germ cell tumor of ovary? what is the epithelial cell tumor? germ cell: teratoma. epithelial cell: serous cystadenoma, mucinous cystadenoma
if fibroadenoma with low suspicion of CA, what should you tell patient? come back 3-10d after see if it's possibly a fibrocystic change
if you FNA a tumor in a younger female, and it comes cystic, whats the Dx fibrocystic change (benign)
FNA of tumor in young female, bloody, next step? cytology + biopsy
give 4 signs of a cancerous lump in breast immobile/solid/painless, peau d orange, dimpling of skin, nipple retraction
Which breast cancer is guaranteed to be estrogen/progesterone receptor +? LCIS (therefore no need to remove this ca initially, just give tamoxifene/raloxifene_
MCC of invasive breast CA invasive ductal CA
which breast ca types involve both sides commonly lobular (LCIS, invasive lobular ca)
Inflammatory CA is a subtype of? ductal ca. It looks like mastitis, due to blood vessel infiltration. very poor prognosis
when do you do masectomy vs lumpectomy? single lump = lumpectomy, multiple lumps = masectomy
next step in Rx of breast ca after lumpectomy/masectomy? sentinal node Bx to look for spread (+ tamoxifene therapy if est+, traztuzumab Rx if HER2+)
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