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What ages does precocious puberty occur in males and females? precocious puberty is defined as <9yo in males, <8yo in females
difference btwn true and pseudo-precocious puberty in females true: early activation of pituitary, etc (raised GnRH, FSH, LH). pseudo: autonomous secretion of sex hormones peripherally
MCC of precocious puberty in males v females males: adrenal hyperplasia. females: true (pituitary axis activation)
LH/FSH raised in precocious puberty implies... central (true) precocious puberty
low LH/FSH in precocious puberty implies.... pseudo-precocious (i.e. peripheral sex hormone release)
Rx of true vs psuedo-precocious puberty? true= GnRH steady stream (induce menopause). pseudo= surgical removal of source [no treatment if near puberty]
CAH treatment cortisol replacement
Fixed phase of menstrual cycle? luteal (2nd half...14days)
mid-cycle pain (not at time of menstruation...rather, about 2 weeks after) Middlesmurtz...normal peritoneal irritation
ovarian estrogen is called? placental? estradiol. placental=
hCG is secreted by what structure after implantation? What is it's purpose? from endometrium...purpose is to simulate LH, therefore maintaining corpus luteum..which secretes progesterone
Corpus luteum secretes what hormone? When does it stop progesterone (under stimulation of hCG from endometrium)....after 8-12 weeks it stops and placenta takes over
paradoxical cardiac affect of HRT in menopause? it improves lipids, but still causes increased cardiac and stroke risk
menopause stress incontinence treatment? kegels + estrogen cream
Rx of hot flashes in menopause? SNRIs, clonidine (a2 agonist), GABAs. NO ESTROGENS IF BREAST CA RISK
OCP affect on endometrial ca risk vs ovarian ca risk? endometrial risk goes UP (due to increased estrogen). Ovaran ca risk goes down (due to no ovulation)
OCP is c/i in what patients smokers >35yo, DUB, migraine, liver dz, HTN, DVT history
best contraceptive during breast feeding? progestin only. Must take at same time everyday
What is the 3m injection you use in mentally retarded pt's who need contraception medroxyprogesterone injxn
Emergency contraception options? OCP x5, levoprogestrol (progestin) up to 120h after, copper IUD, Mifepristone (RU-486)
What has a higher DVT risk than OCP? the Patch
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