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abbrev and meanings

LDL low-density lipoprotein (chemistry)
LP Lumbar puncture
Lytes Electrolytes (chemistry)
Mg or Mg+ Magnesium (chemistry)
Na sodium (chemistry)
NP nasopharynx
O and P ova and parasites (parasitology)
PAP Prostatic acid phosphatase (serology)
PC packed cells (blood bank)
PCV Packed cells volume (hematology)
PKU phenylketonuria (chemistry)
PO4 or phos phosphate or phosphorus (chemistry)
POCT or PCT point-of-care testing (nursing station)
PP postprandial (chemistry)
PSA prostatic specific antigen (serology)
PT prothrombin time (coagulation, hematology)
PTT or APTT partial thromboplastin time (coagulation, hematology)
RBC red blood count (hematology)
RBS or BS random blood sugar or blood sugar (chemistry)
RDW red cell distribution width (hematology)
Retics reticulocytes (hematology)
RPR rapid plasma reagin (serology)
RSV respiratory syncytial virus (microbiology)
S and A sugar and acetone (urinalysis)
T3,T4, T7 thyroid tests (chemistry)
T&X-match or T type and crossmatch (blood bank)
TIBC total iron-binding capacity (chemistry)
Trig or TG triglycerides (chemistry)
T and S type and screen (blood bank)
TSH thyroid-stimulating hormone (chemistry)
U&A or U/A (urinalysis)
UC urine culture
WBC white blood count (hematology)
WNL within normal limits
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