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First 40

Culver Chinese 1: First 40

rén man; person; human
infant; child; son
woman; girl; daughter
hǎo good; right; excellent
shàng up; above; ascend
xià down; below; descend
zhōng center; middle; neutral
wáng king; ruler
jade; gem
dāo knife
tián rice field; wheat field
power;strengh; force
nán masculine; man; male
mén door; gate
big; great
tài too; over; excessive
xiǎo small; pretty; young
tiān heaven; sky; day
fēi fly
kŏu mouth; opening
sun; day
yuè moon; month
míng brilliant; bright; enlightened
zao early; morning
mu wood; tree
shui water
huo fire
tu earth; soil; ground
shan mountain
feng wind
yu rain
dian lightening; electricity
san umbrella
yun cloud
gong work; labor; skill
er infant; child
sheng produce; bear; grow
an peace; contentment
xin heart
Created by: Technochocolate