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common symptom of osteoperosis vertebral micro fractures (kyphosis)
How do you diagnose osteoperosis? DEXA of hip and lumbar spine
Raloxifene (estrogen modulator for osteoperosis) increases risk of....... DVT (Tamoxifene for breast ca raises risk of Endo Ca)
joint aspirate in gout may contain WBCs. what other weird thing might happen on labs uric acid levels can be normal
treatment of acute gout attack? what drug is never given? NSAID, colchicine (can cause diarrhea), steroids. NEVER ASA (causes increased uric acid in kidney)
chronic gout attack rx? probenecid (lowers uric acid r/a in kidney). or allopurinol (lowers uric acid production)
what sign pretty much rules out pseudogout? podagra (confirms regular gout)
when do you treat pagets? only if symptomatic or wt bearing bones (give bisphosphonates)
OI (blue sclerae) is abnormal _______ collagen I
osteopetrosis is due to impaired _________ activity osteoclast
why does H/H go down in osteopetrosis? narrow of BM cavity
most sensitive test for osteomyelitis? earliest test you can do? sensitive: tagged WBC scan. earliest: MRI
How do you treat Lyme dz when it is in rash stage doxycycline (amoxicillin for pregnant) 10d
How do you treat disseminated Lyme dz (heart, nerve, Bell's palsy...knee/encephelopathy<--very late) ceftriaxone
DIP are only affected in RA/OA? OA (Heberdens nodes...Bouchards are also OA-->PIP)
What antibodies are found in RA anti-CCP (anti cyclic)
what gives a false + RPR SLE
Anti Jo 1 antibodies signify polymyositis or dermatomyositis
most specific SLE antibody anti-Smith
When do you use anti-TNF (abciximab) in RA? very severe dz (check PPD first)
RA with low WBCs and splenomegaly Felty syn
what malignancy is ass'd with dermatomyostis? ovarian CA
rash of dermatomyositis? heliotrope or malar rash + shawl sign + grottons papules on hand dorsum (look like psoriasis)
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