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Modified Diets

Diets to help disease processes

What are the 4 Main Modified diets? Energy, Nutrient, Serving Size and Allergens
What are the 2 diets under Energy Value Modifications? High and Low Calorie Diets
What is high calorie diet for? Underweight Client due to illness
How many calories in a high calorie diet? 3,000 calories a day + 130 grams of protein
What is purpose of a low calorie diet? Promote safe weight loss, 1-2 lbs/wk 1 lb of fat = 3,500 calories -500 calories/day = 1 lb/wk weight loss -1000 cal/day = 2 lb/wk weight loss
Under Nutrient Modification Diet... what are the 4 diets? Carbohydrate, High/Low Fat, Protein and Mineral/Electrolytes
Under Carbohydrate Controlled Diet... What are the 2 diets listed? Diabetic and Lactose Restricted
Under the High/Low Fat diet, what are the 3 diets listed? Fat controlled-for treating hyperlipidemia, heart disease, diabetes Low Fat Diet-Malabsorption Syndrome/Pancreas-gallbladder disease High Fat Diet- Ketogenic diet for controlling seizures in children
Under Protein Controlled Diet... what are the 3 listed diets High Protein - Tissue repair, surgery, Sepsis, Trauma Protein Restricted - Kidney and Liver Disease Gluten Restricted - Gluten sensitive clients
Under Mineral and Electrolyte Diet what are the 3 listed? Sodium Controlled Calcium-Phosphorus Modified Potassium Modified
What is purpose of Sodium Controlled diet? Edema, Cardiovascular disease, some Kidney disease Recommended intake < 2,300mg or about 1 tsp/day
What are the 3 sodium intake diets? Mild - Limit to 4,000mg/day Moderate- 1,000 to 2,000mg/day Strict-500 to 250 mg/day
What is the purpose of the Calcium diet? Prevention of osteoporosis
What is purpose of Potassium diet? Those on diuretics, potassium loss due to urination
What is the reasoning for a serving size diet? For those with high nutritional needs such as AIDS patieints, cancer patients, anorexics
Why would you prescribe an Allergen Diet? People allergic to certain foods containing proteins called allergens found in Milk, eggs, grains, peanuts
List some reasons for Tube Feedings? Loss of consicousness Dysphasia Esophageal or Gastric cancer Oral trauma or oral surgery Burn Patients
List some types of formulas High Protein, calorie and fiber formulas
List the 5 types of tubes used for feedings: NG tube-nasogastric G tube-gastrointestinal J Tube-Jejumun PEG tube-percutainious endoscopic gastronomy Levine Tube-a plastic catheter introduced through the nose and used in gastric intubation for gastric decompression or gavage feeding
Intravenous Therapy IV - not more than a few days unless supplement nutrients Nutrient inadequate For clients who can't do enteral route
What is TPN Total Parenteral Nutrition (hyperalimentation-overfeeding)
Where does a TPN go? Central Vein (Subclavical)
What is PPN Peripheral Parenteral Nutrition
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