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EPO levels in Polycythemia Vera? low (high would imply theres hypoxia...which there isnt)
what do you give for refractory pruritis in PV? IFN-a
What Ig's are increased in multiple myeloma? What cell types are incrased? IgG, IgA (IgM is Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia). Cell type= plasma cell
Bence Jones proteins are found in the urine of which dz? Multiple Myeloma. B-J proteins = kappa/gamma light chains
What do serum protein levels look like in MM total proteins are raised, but albumin is normal (IgG/IgA cause the protein increase)
HL age, and unique cell type? Most common type? age = bimodal (young and elderly). unique cell= Reed Sternberg ((o)(o)). common type of HL= nodular sclerosing
Starry sky appearance is what dz? what chromosomal abnormality is present? Burkitt Lymphoma (a type of NHL)..due to EBV infxn. t8;14
Chemo therapy in HL can lead to ________ secondary malignancy in breast/lung
Leukemia common in Downs? ALL
what cell type precursors are present in ALL B cell
myoloperoxidase postive blasts are found in ________ AML (duh, myeloid cells stain with MYELOperoxidase)
a-naphthylesterase+ implies ? M5 variant of AML
smudge cells are found in ________ CLL
Chromosomal abn in CML? 9;22
What type of leukemia has blast crisis? CML
drug used to treat CML? imatinib (tyrosine kinase inh, since BCR-ABL is tyrosine kinase gene)
TRAP+ stain is in _______ hairy cell leukemia
tumor lysis causes __K+, ____Ca, ____PO4, ______uric acid all raised except Ca (it binds the PO4)
Rx for anorexia caused by cancer? Megestrol Acetate (progesterone derivative)
difference in cell's involved btwn Fanconi Anemia and Diamond Blackfan (both have a shitload of congenital malformations) FA= all blood cells involved (hypocellular bone marrow). DBF= only RBCs
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