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What blood test monitors the following: Heparin, Warfarin, LMWH? heparin: PTT. LMWH: anti-FXa. Warfarin: PT (i.e. INR)
difference btwn mechanism of action of regular heparin and LMWH? hep: increases AT III. LMWH: lowers FXa
What drugs are given in HIT thrombin inhibitors (lepivudin, argatroban)...switch to warfarin once plt's are 100k
best diagnostic test for HIT? serotonin release assay
HIT is similar to what other thrombocytopenia as far as mechanism of action goes? ITP (both are anti-platelet antibody mediated) HIT-->anti PF-4
TTP (after HUS) mechanism? anti- vWF antibodies (as opposed to ITP/HIT which is anti platelet ABs)
how do you determine if HUS has progressed to TTP? neuro symptoms + fever
if HELLP develops in pregnant female, what is next step? if <34w, give steroids and anti-HTNives. If >34w, deliver that shit
Common manifestation of Von WIllebrand's dz in women? menorrhagia (give OCP)
Which bleeding parameters go up in vW Dz? Rx for vW Dz? PTT, BT. Treat with DDAVP (releases vWF) acutely, give cryoprecipitate/FVIII long term
association of vitK and gut flora? gut flora PRODUCE vitK so ABx cause low vitK levels (as opposed to vit B12 which gets f****d by flora cuz they cause malabsorption)
difference in bleeding parameters btwn vW dz and hemophilia? vWF: raised PTT AND BT (plt's). Hemophilia is ONLY PTT
bleeding parameters in DIC? all are raised (PTT, PT, BT)
if Candida causes sepsis, what antifungal do you give? Ampho B (this is usually the choice for any crazy ass fungal infxn, including severe histoplasmosis)
What is SIRS (systemic inflammatory response syndrome)?? precursor to sepsis: it has hyperventilation, tachycardia, raised or lowered WBCs, Fever or Hypothermia
sub saharan africa/india Malaria drug? mefloquine (these areas are chloroquine resistant)
Atypical T Cells (downy cells) are seen in which infection? Infectious Mononucleosis (EBV)
Rx of mononucleosis (EBV) just NSAIDS (no antivirals!)
how do you treat Kaposi sarcoma aliretinoin
Rx of PCP tmp smx
Yellow infiltrates of retina in CD <50? CMV retinitis
3 places CMV affects HIV pt's retina, esophagus, GIT (diarrhea)
Treatment of MAC in CD<50? clarithromycin/azithromycin (one is prophylaxis and one is treatment, cant remember which)
Best HIV screening test? ELISA x2
Best HIV confirmation test? Western Blot
pregnant HIV pt...what guidelines must be followed? Do C section, give ZDV to mother and child, NO BREAST FEEDING
best screening for HIV in neonate? viral load (ELISA will always be + because of mom's ABs)
3 parameters for starting anti-retrovirals CD <350, viral load >20,000, opportunistic infxn
HIV drug side affects Indinavir (protease inhibitor) = crystal-induced nephropathy Abacavir = lactic acidosis, hepatitis AND hypersensitivity syndrome Nucleoside RTIs (Zidovudine, Lamivudine) = lactic acidosis NNRTIS (Nevirapine) = liver failure
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