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cold agglutinin infections? Mycoplasma, EBV
burr cells (spikey membranes) are found in which anemia? hemolytic anemia
bite cells occur in ________. Cause? G6PD def. They occur because Heinz bodies are present and the spleen bites the shit out of those
Iron absorption is affected in what way if GI acid is low? it goes down
what type of murmur does IDA cause systolic
RDW is >20% in which microcytic anemia? IDA (multiple cell sizes). Used to distinguish from thalassemia
Ferritin levels in Anemia of Chronic Disease? Raised (Iron is a inflammatory marker). Therefore TIBC is low
target cells are found in? alpha thalasemia
Diphylobothrium infxn causing B12 deficiency. Treatment? Praziquantel
Which runs out quicker: folate or B12? Folate
What happens to Iron in ACD? It is trapped in macrophages
EPO levels in ACD? low (give EPO supplementation)
Treatment of hereditary sideroblastic anemia? Treatment of acquired sideroblastic anemia? hereditary: B6. acquired: EPO
What a-thalassemia requires transfusions (--,-a) [because HbH forms {BB,BB}] the rest either kill you in utero (--,--) or cause mild anemias
HbF chains? HbA2? (a2,g2); (a2,d2) HbF is fetal. HbA2 increases in B-thalassemia major
What B-thalassemia requires transfusion? B-thal Major (-,-)
Fish mouthing of vertebrae occurs in? sickle cell crisis (bone pain)
What is Howell-Jolly body? nuclear remnant in RBCs. Due to asplenia in SCD patients
Best Rx for sickle cell CRISIS? o2, hydration, analgesics...HbF
What causes aplastic crisis in SCD pt? Parvovirus B19
Febrile neutropenia requires what measure? immediate hospitalization
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