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Rx for UTI? TMP SMX, amoxicillin, quinolone
Rx of UTI in preggers? amoxicillin, nitrofurantoin, cephalosporins
What is the cause of bladder cancer in third world? SCC (d/t schistosoma)....TCC (smoking) is in USA
imaging done for bladder ca? best dx tool? CT, IVP. best Dx: cystoscope + biopsy
how do you detect clamidya colonies? PCR
treatment for NG/CT NG: ceftriaxone. CT: doxycycline/azithromycin
Prostatitis in <35 yo? in >35yo? <35= NG or CT. >35= enterobacterecceae
proper way to get a urine sample for prostatitis mid-stream..NEVER massage (it will disseminate the infxn)
Rx of prostatitis? TMP SMX
Prostate Ca location on gland? BPH location? DRE presentation Ca= peripheral growth. BPH= central growth. for this reason, Ca is palpable as a nodule, whereas BPH feels like whole gland is enlarged
BPH treatment for HTNive pt vs non HTNive? HTN pt: give non-selective alpha blocker (prazocin). non-HTNive: give a1 blocker (Tamsulosin)
2nd therapy (after alpha blocker) for BPH? Fenasertide: 5a reductase inh. (causes impotence)
Prostate Ca mets to spine are osteo____ic osteablastic
Prostate Ca mets Rx? radiation beam therapy
If too late for surgery of Prostate Ca, what medical rx do you do? leuprolide (anti-androgen...i.e. GnRH continuous)
unique feature of testicular torsion pain? can't be relieved with lifting up the testicle. also cremaster reflex is absent
test torsion surgical treatment needs to be done within ____ hours 6 hours
Rx differences for <35yo, >35yo epididimytis? assume NG/CT for <35, therefore give cef/doxy. for >35 assume enterobacterecea, so give quinolone
Prognosis is good for testicular ca, except for which type non seminomatous (AFP + bHCG)
Varicocele can cause infertility due to ______ raising temp in scrotum (due to blood flow)
if patient has impotence, but nocturnal erections occur, work them up for? depression
MCC of palpable flank mass in kids? wilms tumor
peeing your bed is normal up to what age? when do you start treatment? 5yo. treat at 7yo
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