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more common esoph hernia? sliding (doesn't require surgery)
acute gastritis treatment? treat as PUD (PPI, H2 inh)
which is corrosive: acute or chronic gastritis? acute
B12 is a therapy for chronic gastritis (A/B)? type A (A =Autoimmune, B= H Pylori)
WHich is ALWAYS H. Pylori caused: Gastric Ulcer or Duodenal Ulcer? Duodenal (Gastric is usually H. pylori too, but not guaranteed...might be NSAIDS)
first test if peptic Ulcer suspected? AXR (EGD in over 40 to Biopsy for CA as well)
In medical treatment of Peptic ulcer, what drugs increase mucosa? What other Rx is given sucralfate bismuth + metoprostol. give with PPI, H2 inh, anti-H Pylori ABX
MCC of complication in PUD? Hemmorrhage
If you do gastrectomy (to treat Ulcer), what nutrient deficiencies do you have to look out for Vit b12 (no int factor), Fe/Ca (require acid for absorption)
Z-E syndrome is a tumor in pancreas or ? duodenum (rare)
best 1st test for Z-E serum gastrin (>1000)
Why is there low fat absorption in Z-E> very high HCl levels cause low pancreas enzyme activity
Gastric cancer is usually (ACC?SCC) ACC
Worst gastric ca prognosis? best? worst: linitis plastica, best: superficial
What 2 nodes are ass with gastric ca Virschow (by clavicle) and SMJ (by navel)
best test for gastric Ca detection? barium swallow, then EGD for Bx
in gastric Ca how do you stage the cancer? CT scan of abd
subtotal gastrectomy is done if gastric ca involves ____ of stomach distal 1/3 (any other part = total gastrectomy)
which is more specific for acute pancreatitis: amylase or lipase? lipase
causes of acute pancreatitis besides alc and gallstones? high TAGs, Calcium, drugs
explain what will be found on all 4 of these imaging techniques for acute panc: USG, AXR, CXR, CT USG: gallstones, AXR: sentinal loop, CXR: ARDS, CT: pseudocyst
acute panc treatment? NPO, NG suction, pain control
best diagnostic study for chronic panc? stool elastase
mcc of chronic panc? alcoholism
When do you drain a pseudocyst? >6wks. otherwise, self resovles
most common risk factor for panc Ca smoking
Courvassier's sign? head of panc CA causes GB to be large and non tender
how do you visualize panc Ca? CT abd. If it doesn;t work, then ERCP
Name of surgery for panc Ca? WHipple: head of panc, duodenum, proximal jej, CBD, GB, distal stomach
Ranson criteria on admission? In 48h? admission: GA LAW, 48h: Ca HOBBeS
what tumor has migrating exfoliative erythema glucagonoma
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