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Phlebotomy Fund 1

Venipuncture pirercing vein with needle Example- blood samlpes
Sites to aviod with venipucture extensive scars, side of mastectomy, hematoma, arm with IV fusing, cannula/fistula/heplock,edmatous extremities
First draw TEST TUBES? ALWAYS a blood culture- yellow or yellow-back tube
2nd draw test tubes? Coagulation- Lightblue color used for blood cloting
3rd draw test tubes? Red top- non additive
Last draw TEST TUBES? SST(gray or gold top),Sodium heparin(dark green), PST(light green), EDTA(lavender), ACDA(yellow), Oxalate/fluoride(light gray)
After collecting blood for TEST TUBES invert each tube 5-8 times, label all tubes BEFORE leaving bedside
tourniquet LIMIT?? 2 minutes max
trouble shooting-NO BLOOD? MOve forward or backward, adjust angle, tourniquet may be too tight
Hematoma Forms under skin adjacent to puncture, release tourniquet withdraw needle and apply firm pressure
Accidental Arterial Stick Blood will be bright red, withdraw and hold pressure for at least 5 minutes
LANCET OUTER PORTION OF HEEL, used on babies, use micro tube
Older adults Venipunture fragile veins, bruise easily, veins "Blow", rooling veins, aviod tortuous(big) veins, avoid cord hard like veins
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