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Adult Drug Doses

ASA - Aspirin AntiPlatelet Acute Chest Pain: 160mg po chewed
Adenosine - Adenocard AntiDysrhythmic Class V Narrow Complex SVT: 6mg + 12mg +12mg RIVP + 20mL NS
Amiodarone - Cordarone Antidysrhythmic Class III VFib/VTach: 150-300mg in 250mL D5W IV over 10min
Atropine Sulfate Parasympatholytic / Anticholinergic Bradycardia: 0.5-1.0mg IV q3-5min Max 3mg PEA/Asystole: 1mg IV/IO q3-5min Max 3mg Organo OD: 2-5mg IV/IO/IM q5min prn
Activated Charcoal - Actidose Absorbent/Antidote Acute Ingested Poisoning: 1g/kg in 250mL H2O po/ng
D50W - Dextrose Hyperglycemic Agent Decreased BGL WithOUT Gag Reflex: 25g SIVP prn
Dimenhydrinate - Gravol Antiemetic Motion Sickness/Vertigo/N/V: 25-50mg IV/IM
Diphenhydramine - Benadryl Antihistamine Allergic Reaction/Anaphylaxis: 50mg Elixir po 1mg/kg SIVP/IM Max 50mg
Dexamethasone - Decadron Glucocorticoid Asthma/COPD/Anaphylaxis/Croup: 4-24mg IM
Chlorpromazine - Largactil AntiPsychotic / Tranquilizer Acute Psychotic Episode: 25-50mg IM
Diazepam - Valium Benzodiazepine Acute Anxiety: 2-5mg IV/IM Status Seizure: 5-10mg IV/IM Sedation: 5-15mg IV
Furosemide - Lasix Loop Diuretic Pulmonary Edema: 0.5-1.0mg/kg SIVP ~40-80mg
Glucagon Protein Pancreatic Hormone Hypoglycemia: 1mg IM/SQ q5-20min Beta Blocker OD: 2-3mg IV q5min Max 4mg
Haloperidol - Haldol AntiPsychotic / Neuroleptic Acute Psychotic Episode: 2-5mg IM
Ipratropium Bromide - Atrovent Anticholinergic Bronchodilator Bronchospasm - 250-500mcg Neb prn
Isoproterenol - Isuprel Sympathomimetic Symptimatic Bradycardia: 2-10mcg/min IV titrate
Ketamine - Ketalar Disassociative Anesthetic Pain Control: 0.2mg/kg SIVP Induction: 1-2mg/kg SIVP +0.5mg/kg q10min prn
Lidocaine - Xylocord/Xylocaine Antidysrhythmic Class I VTach/VFib/Wide Complex SVT: 1-1.5mg/kg IV q3-5min Max3mg/kg
Lorazepam - Ativan Benzodiazepine Acute Anxiety: 1mg SL Status Seizure: 1-4mg SIVP Sedation: 0.5-2.0mg IV
Dopamine - Intropin Sympathomimetic Non Hypovolemic Hypotension: 2-20mcg/kg/min titrate.
Calcium Gluconate Electrolyte Hyperkalemia/Hypermagnesemia/Ca++ Channel Blocker Overdose: 5-8mL 10% Solution IV
Calcium Chloride Electrolyte Cardiac Arrest: 1g SIVP q10min Max 2g Beta/Ca Channel Blocker OD: 500mg in 50mL NS IV over 10min q10min Max 1g
Fentanyl - Sublimaze Synthetic Opiod/Narcotic Pain Control: 1-3mcg/kg SIVP q3-5min RSI: 3-5mcg/kg SIVP (Max200mcg) + 50mcg q10min prn
Flumazenil - Anexate Benzo Antagonist Benzo OD: 0.2mg + 0.3mg + 0.5mg IV q1min
Etomidate - Amidate General Anesthetic RSI:0.1-0.3mg/kg IV
Albumin Volume Expander 25g IV prn Max 250g(48hrs) 2-3ml/min
Epi - Adrenalin (1:10,000) Sympathomimetic Cardiac Arrest: 1mg RIVP q3-5min Anaphylaxis: 0.1mg SIVP q2min Max1mg
Epi - Adrenalin (1:1,000) Sympathomimetic Anaphylaxis/COPD/Bronchospasm: 0.3-0.5mg IM q5min Max 0.9mg Stridor: 5mg Neb prn Max 10mg
Vitamin B1 - Thiamin Vitamin DT's/ETOH Coma/Wernickes's 50-100mg IV/IM
Midazolam - Versed Benzodiazepine Seizure: 5mg SIVP q5min Max 20mg Sedation: 0.1mg/kg Max5mg SIVP + 2.5mg q10min Combative: 2-5mg SIVP q5min Max 10mg
Nitroglycerine - Nitrostat Vasodilator / AntiAnginal Chest Pain/CHF/Pulmonary Edema/HTN: 0.4mg SL q5min Max 3sprays
Oral Glucose Hyperglycemic Agent Low BGL: 25g po prn
Epi - Adrenalin (Infusion) Sympathomimetic Pulseless Arrest/Symptomatic Bradycarida with profound hypotension: 1mcg/min titrate up. ~2-10mcg/min.
Salbutamol - Ventolin Sympathomimetic Bronchodilator Bronchospasm/COPD/Asthma: 2.5-5.0mg Neb q5min prn
Oxytocin - Pintocin Hormone Post Partum Hemorrhage: 3-10units IM
Plavix - Clopidogrel Antiplatelet Agent Unstable Angina/NSTEMI/STEMI/MI/Recent CVA: 300-600mg po + 75mg po qday
Morphine Sulfate Natural Opiod Narcotic Moderate to Severe Pain: 2.5-5.0mg IV q5min Max 20mg
Sodium Bicarbonate-NaHCO3 Buffer/Alkalizing Agent Prolonged Resuscitation: 1mEq/kg SIVP ~50mEq
Pantoprazole - Pantoloc Proton Pump Inhibitor Ulcers/GERD: 40mg po
Pepcid - Famotidine Histamine H2 Antagonist Ulcers/GERD: 20-40mg po
Naloxone - Narcan Opiod Antagonist Opiod OD: 0.4-0.5mg IV/IM q2min Max2mg
Mannitol - Osmitrol Osmotic Diuretic Cerebral Edema: 1.5-2g/kg IV
Acetaminophen - Tylenol AntiPyretic/Analgesic Pain: 325-650mg po Febrile Kid: 20mg/kg po
Methylprednisolone - Solumedrol Glucocorticoid Asthma/Bronchospasm/Anaphylaxis: 125-250mg IV/IM Spinal Cord Injury: 30mg/kg IV + 5.4mg/kg/hr for 23hours
Metoprolol - Lopressor Beta Blocker AFib/AFlutter: 5mg IV q5min Max 15mg
Nitrous Oxide - Entonox Inhaled Analgesic prn
Pancuronium - Pavulon Non Depolarizing Neuromuscular Blocker Intubation: .04-.1mg/kg q30-60min prn
Vecuronium - Norcuron Non Depolarizing Neuromuscular Blocker Intubation: .08-.1mg/kg IV
Rocuronium - Zemeron Non Depolarizing Neuromuscular Blocker Intubation: .06-1.2mg/kg IV + .04-.06mg/kg q10min prn
Succinylcholine - Anectine Depolarizing Neuromuscular Blocker Intubation: 1-1.5mg/kg IV
Propofol - Diprivan General Anesthetic Sedation: 2-3.5mg/kg in 40mg intervals q10sec
Magnesium Sulfate Antidysrhythmic Class V / Electrolyte Bronchospasm: 2g IV (50mL NS)(10min) Eclampsia: 1-4g IV (50mL NS)(20min) Torsades: 1-2g IV (50mL NS) (5min)
Vasopressin - Pitressin Hormone / Vasopressor Vasodilatory Shock: 40Units IV
Phenytoin - Dilantin AntiConvulsant/Antidysrhythmic Class I Seizure: 8-20mg/kg SIVP Dysrhythmia from Digitalis Toxicity: 100mg SIVP
Meperidine - Demerol Synthetic Opiod Analgesic Pain: 25-50mg IV
Verapamil - Isoptin Antidysrhythmic Class IV PSVT/Rapid AFib/AFlutter/Unstable Angina: 2.5-5.0mg SIVP over 2min + 5mg q15min Max 30mg
Procainamide - Pronestyl Antidysrhythmic Class IA VTach/PSVT/AFib: 20-30mg/min Slow IV Infusion VFib/Pulseless VTach: 100mg SIVP q5min
Lidocaine Infusion Antidysrhythmic Class I Maintenance Infusion Post Resuscitation: 2-4mg/min IV
Created by: michelletrudel