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Government Vocab

To set free by the judgement of the court a person accused of a crime. Acquittal
A special military court which tries breaches of military law or cases involving members of the armed forces Court- Martial
A right of the civil government to take over a person's land or other private property for public use with just compensation being given to the owner Eminent Domain
The turning over of an alleged criminal to the nation,state, or city from which he fled. Extradition
a formal written accusation against the accused presented by the grand jury to the court after the jury has considered evidence and found there is just reason for trial Indictment
an office holder who continues in his capacity although he has not been reelected lame duck
a false and malicious written statement which hurts one's reputation or opens one up to public ridicule or hatred. libel
the person or party bringing a suit before a court of law Plaintiff
to approve; to give official sanction to Ratify
to publicly assemble demonstrate or protest political or social issues Redress Grievances
to cancel, as a law or an amendment Repeal
false speech which destroys another's reputation Slander
the right to vote, especially in political elections Suffrage
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