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Spiritual P&P

Potter and Perry 7th Edition Chapter 29

What is spirituality? Completely subjective on a person's background, enables one to love, have faith and hope, seek meaning, and nurture relationships.
How many constructs are there to spirituality? 8 overlapping
What are the 8 factors of spirituality? Energy, Self-transcendence, Connectedness, Faith, Existential reality, Beliefs and values, Inner strength, Inner peace and harmony.
What is self-transcendence? Belief that there is a force outside of and greater than the person. Seen as positive and allows 1 to have new experiences and new perspectives.
Define intrapersonally? Connected with one's self.
Define interpersonally? Connected with other people and their environment.
Define transpersonally? Connected with an unseen higher power.
Define faith? Firm beliefs despite lack of physical evidence.
Existential reality define? Personal lifelong journey in which one seeks to discover and develop a sense of life's purpose and meaning.
Beliefs and values define? Ones to develop object's/ideal's worth to them and the beauty of a subject.
Inner Strength define? Source of energy that instills hope, motivation, and promotes positive outlook on life and troubled times.
Inner peace and harmony define? Foster calm, positive, and peaceful feelings despite chaos, fear, and uncertainty
What makes religion different from spirituality? It is associated with doing such as the specific practices a specific group practices rather than relating to the "spirit" as a whole.
Hope define. Multifaceted concept that provides comfort, energizing, and gives the attitude of something to live for and look forward to.
Spiritual distress define. Impaired ability to experience and integrate meaning and purpose in life through connectedness with self, others, art, music, literature, nature, and/or a greater power.
What are 4 situations that cause spiritual problems? Acute, chronic, and terminal illness as well as near-death experiences.
Acute illness why is it so troubling? It occurs abruptly and the client and family must cope with possibly dramatic changes in their lives.
Chronic illness why is it so troubling? Clients often feel powerless, loss of purpose, and have an impaired ability to cope with changes.
Terminal illness why is this so troubling? Client and family has to come to terms that the client will die soon.
Created by: Babble05