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HESI-A2 Questions

A&P, Bio & Chem Quiz Questions

Within liver cells, glycogen can be decomposed to yield glucose. For this process to occur, what substances must also be present? glucagon & epinephrine
At which phase of meiosis does crossing over occur? Prophase I
Which cellular process results in the formation of sugar from carbon dioxide? Calvin cycle
What is the name for the small, tail-like projection from the cellular membrane that is used for locomotion? flagella
The phalanx is a ______ bone
The dermis is classified as a ________ organ
Where do the upper motor neurons originate in the body? Motor area of the cerebral hemisphere
Where are the pressoreceptors and chemoreceptors (specialized sensory nerves that assist with the regulation of circulation and respiration) located? carotid body
Where are baroreceptors located? aorta
What body structure is divided into 4 lobes? liver
Eye movement and papillary reflexes originate in which part of the CNS? midbrain
Which vessel transports blood from the lung to the heart? pulmonary vein
What does the word pulmonary refer to? lungs
Venous refers to what body system? circulation
What is the primary sympathetic neurohormone? norepinephrine
An improper balance between calcium and which substance can adversely affect the growth of healthy bone tissue? phosphorus
What is the function of the pulmonary vein? to carry oxygenated blood to the left atrium
What substance causes extreme dilation of arterioles and capillaries, stagnating blood flow within the tissues and leading to profound shock? histamine
What is the expected pH of the stomach? .90 - 1.50
What muscle is responsible for muscle contraction? calcium
Bile is secreted into what organ? small intestine
What is the function of glucocorticoids that are secreted from the adrenal cortex? carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism
What does the parathyroid regulate? calcium
What is the function of aldosterone? conserves sodium in the body
What is the function of baroreceptors? decrease heart rate
What nerve is responsible for regulating the amount of light entering the eye? oculomotor nerve
What component of the blood helps maintain glomerular oncotic pressure at a normal level of 33 mm Hg, which in turn keeps a large amount of water from escaping the capillary? protein
Segments of a polypeptide chain can coil or fold as a result of hydrogen bonds, adding to a protein's structural conformation. What is this structure called? secondary structure
What is the electron configuration for neon? 1s22s22p6
What is the ground state electron configuration for zinc? 1s22s22s63s23p64s23d10
What is a benefit of water's ability to make hydrogen bonds? high specific heat
What is the weakest of all the intermolecular forces? dispersion
What is the name of MgSO4? magnesium sulfate
What is the formula for magnesium chloride? MgCl2
Phenolphthalein changes from colorless to pink in basic solutions. At what pH value would the solution turn pink? 8.4
How could water be boiled at room temperature? lower the pressure
Iodine and carbon dioxide undergo sublimination at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. What is this process? changing from a solid to a gas
A catalyst increases the rate of reaction by _____ lowering the activation energy
Redox reactions are those that occur with a transfer of electrons. What would cause an increase in the oxidation number? oxidation
An experiment is performed to measure the temperature of boiling water at sea level. The actual boiling point is 100 degrees Celsius. The data taken during the experiment shows values of 104.6, 104.5 and 104.5. What term best describes these data? precise
Chemical reactions in living systems proceed along catabolic pathways, and there tends to be an increase in ________. entropy
A diploid germ cell containing 72 chromosomes undergoes meiosis. How many chromosomes will be in each gamate? 36
What is the primary purpose of the flagella on the surface of cells? movement of the cell
What process is responsible for actively transporting small particles across the cell membrane? pinocytosis
What is the primary cause of water molecules moving into or out of the cell? water molecule pressure gradient along the cell membrane
Why is DNA important for metabolic activities of the cell? controls synthesis of enzymes
Which outcome measure would most likely indicate that a sample of water contains acid? pH
Which structure is the primary "control center" for cellular activity? nucleus
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