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Latin I 1st semester

Salve hello to one person
salvete hello to more than one person
Quid agis How are you?
Bene well
optime great
satis bene OK
male bad
Quaenam est tempestas hodie How is the weather today?
Sol lucet It is sunny
Ningit It is snowing
Pluit It is raining
Nimbi in caelo sunt It is cloudy
Calet It is hot
Friget It is cold
Vale goodbye to one person
Valete goodbye to more than one person
sum I am
sumus we are
es you (singular) are
estis you (plural) are
est he/she/it is
sunt they are
• E pluribus unum Out of many, one
• Annuit coeptis He approves [our] undertakings
• Novus ordo seclorum New order of generations
Derivative Bene (well) benefit
Derivative Optime (great) optimist
Derivative Sol (sun) solar
Derivative Annos (year) annual
E pluribus unum Out of one, many
Deo gratiam habeamus Let us be grateful to God
Dum spiro spero While I live, I hope
Esse quam videri To be, rather than to seem
Justitia omnibus Justice for all
Regnat populus The people rule
Senatus Populusque Romanus (SPQR) The Senate and people of Rome
Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno One for all, all for one
Pro mundi beneficio For the benefit of the world
In varietate concordia United in diversity
Iustitia, pietas, fides Justice, piety, loyalty
Finis coronat opus The end crowns the work
amicus/a friend
magistra female teacher
magister male teacher
discipulus boy student
discipula girl student
mensa desk
sella chair
ianua door
fenestra window
murus wall
camera room
liber book
horologium clock
picture picture
tabula board
creta chalk
erasure eraser
penna pen
stilus pencil
charta paper
regula ruler
tablua geographica map
vexillum flag
• versus vs. or v.
• exit he/she/it goes out
• circa around
• anno Domini (A.D.) in the year of the Lord
• alter ego another self
• aut disce aut discede either learn or leave!
• docendo discitur by teaching, it is learned
• repetio est mater studiorum repetition is the mother of studies
• experientia docet experience teaches
• ipsa scientia potestas est knowledge itself is power
• tabula rasa a blank slate (a student's mind, before study)
• honestus vir "the honest man" (vir and honestus are both masculine, singular and in the nominative case)
• summa cum laude "with highest praise" (summa and laude are both feminine, singular, and in the ablative case)
• bellum longum "the long war" (bellum and longum are both neuter, singular, and either in the nominative or the accusative case)
angustus, a, um narrow
anxius, a, um anxious
bonus, a, um good
fatigatus, a, um tired
iratus, a, um angry
laetus, a, um happy
latus, a, um wide
longus, a, um long
magnus, a, um big
malus, a, um bad
mortuus, a, um dead
parvus, a, um small
territus, a, um frightened
verus, a, um true
vivus, a, um alive
ater, atra, atrum black
prasinus, a, um green
olivaceus, a, um olive green
caeruleus, a, um blue
purpureus, a, um purple
ruber, rubra, rubrum red
roseus, a, um pink
fuscus, a, um brown
flammeus, a, um orange
aureus, a, um gold
flavus, a, um yellow
albus, a, um white
argenteus, a, um silver
canus, a, um gray
• ars gratia artis art for the sake of art
• ars longa, vita brevis art lasts long, life is short
• ars est celare artem true art is to conceal art
• de gustibus non disputandum about tastes there is no dispute
• ex nihilo nihil fit from nothing comes nothing
Scisne? "Do you know?"
ad hoc for this purpose
ad nauseam to the point of sickness
alibi elsewhere
alma mater nourishing mother (school from which one graduates)
alumnus, alumna foster child (graduate of a school)
nolo contendere I do not wish to contend (no contest plea by defendant in which the accused does not admit guilt but will accept punishment)
non bis in idem not twice in the same (legal principle not allowing person to be tried twice for one crime)
nemo tenetur se ipsum accusare no one is bound to accuse himself
nemo est supra leges no one is above the law
accedas ad curiam you may approach the court
nihil dicit he says nothing (the defendant declines to answer to charges)
casa, casae house
cena, cenae dinner
femina, feminae woman
puella, puellae girl
aqua, aquae water
fabula, fabulae story
filia, filiae daughter
via, viae street
amica, amicae friend
familia, familiae family
lana, lanae wool
ara, arae altar
barba, barbae beard
cauda, caudae tail
cura, curae care
dea, deae goddess
insula, insulae island
littera, litterae letter
toga, togae toga
urna, urnae urn, water pot
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