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American English

Romanticism, Modernism, African American Literature

What is the Raven's response to all of the speaker's questions nevermore
What is the effect of the repetition of the raven's response reinforces the speaker's obsession with his grief
Why does Dr. Heidegger invite his friends to his chamber? to help him with a new experiment
What describes the Raven? gloomy, ominous, dark
What do Dr. Heidegger's friends resolve to do at the end of the story? find the fountain of youth
What warning does Dr. Heidegger give his friends? use their experience to pass wisdom to young people
What are Lucynell's disabilities deaf and blind
Why do the three main characters go to town together? for a wedding
when things do not happen as expected situational irony
when the reader knows something the characters do not dramatic irony
Why does Homer disappear? Miss Emily poisoned him
Why does Miss Emily commit murder She feels wronged by homer
How did Emily's father treat young men who wanted to date her? chased them away
allegory a piece of writing with two layers of meaning where the characters, objects, and events stand for ideas or qualities
What is the allegorical meaning of the prince? wealthy people who ignore reality
In "The Yellow Wallpaper" what treatment has been prescribed to the narrator? resting
In the third stanza of "because I could not stop for death" the carriage passes the school, the field, and the setting son. What does it symbolize? childhood, maturity, death
In "After great pain, a formal feeling comes," what is Dickinson describing? the feelings of people who are mourning
In "Hope is a thing with feathers," as what does Dickinson picture hope? a bird
How does Mrs. Mallard react to the news that her husband is dead? cries but looks forward to the future
in "we wear the mask" who is the speaker? an african american
at the end of "the yellow wall-paper" what is the narrator doing? crawling
in the beginning of "the story of an hour" what news does Mrs. Mallard receive? her husband is dead
in "I, Too" how does the speaker expect to move from the kitchen to the table? through inner strength and beauty
In "how it feels to be colored me" what kind of community was eatonville florida? black community
what type of song does the singer in the "weary blues" sing? blues
What was the "sea of change" Zora suffered at the age of 13? she was no longer surrounded by others like her
In "the end of something," how has Hortons Bay changed over the past 10 years it is deserted
What is the final scene in the end of something? by a campfire
in "mirror," what is the mirror's attitude towards the woman? it is indifferent
What did George to do Granny? jilted her
What creatures will not sing to Prufrock? mermaids
Which of her daughters does Granny want to see most? Hapsy
What social class does Morrison associate with the novel? middle class
In "out, out" what is the setting and time of day of the poem? New England farm at sunsset
What are the two levels on which Morrison wants her stores to work? as print and oral literature
What art form reflected African American life in the past? music
What is ironic about "the ballad of birmingham"? the child goes to church to avoid harm
how does the ending affect the story "an occurrence at owl creek bridge?" allows reader to make sense of clues
According to the gettysburg address, to what proposition is the nation dedicated? all men are created equal
What do the conflicts between Douglass and Covey reveal about slavery's effects on both slaves and masters? it makes masters become monsters and slaves desperate
What does Farquhar do after he falls through the bridge? he imagines escaping
What does freedom mean to Frederick Douglass? having choices
What does the garment in "Free Labor" symbolize antislavery
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