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LAT101 Wk1 Translate

Quintus est puer Romanus. Quintus is a Roman boy.
Quintus in Apulia habitat; Apulia est in Italia. Quintus lives in Apulia; Apulia is in Italy.
Scintilla est femina Romana; in casa laborat. Scintilla is a Roman woman; She works in the house.
Horatia puella Romana est; in casa cenat. Horatia is a Roman girl; She eats dinner in the house.
Scintilla in casa laborat; fessa est. Scintilla works in the house; She is tired.
Horatia in casam intrat; ieiuna est. Horatia enters into the house; She is hungry (ieiuna).
Sed cena non parata est. But dinner is not ready.
Scintilla festinat et mox cena est parata. Scintilla hurries and soon dinner is ready.
'Ecce!' inquit, 'cena est parata.' “Look,” she says, “Dinner is ready.” (Ecce)
Puella laeta est; ad mensam festinat et avide cenat. The girl is happy; She hurries to the table (ad mensam) and eats greedily (avide).
Postridie Scintilla ad tabernas ambulat. The next day (postridie) Scintilla walks to the shops.
Horatia in casa laborat. Horatia works in the house.
Mox Scintilla redit et in casam intrat. Soon Scintilla returns and enters into the house.
Ecce, parata est cena. Look (ecce), dinner is ready.
Scintilla laeta est. Scintilla is happy.
Scintilla in casa laborat; cenam parat. Scintilla works in the house; She prepares dinner.
Horatia casam intrat; Scintillam salutat. Horatia enters the house; She greets Scintilla.
Horatia Scintillam iuvat; aquam in casam portat. Horatia helps Scintilla; She carries water into the house.
Argus casam intrat et Horatiam salutat. Argus enters into the house and greets Horatia.
Scintilla in casa laborat; cenam parat. Scintilla works in the house; She prepares dinner.
Fessa est. She is tired.
Horatia in via cessat. Horatia is idling (hanging around: cessat) in the street.
Scintilla filiam vocat. Scintilla calls her daughter.
Puella casam intrat et Scintillam iuvat; aquam in casam portat. The girl enters the house and helps Scintilla; she carries the water into the house.
Scintilla filiam laudat. Scintilla praises her daughter.
Cena parata est. Dinner is ready.
Scintilla filiam vocat et fabulam narrat. Scintilla calls her daughter and tells her a story.
Horatia fabulam laeta audit. Horatia happily listens to the story.
Mox Argus casam intrat. Soom Argus enters the house.
Cenam spectat; subito eam rapit et devorat. He looks at the dinner; Suddenly he snatches it (eam rapit) and devours it.
Scintilla irata est; Argus in viam fugit. Scintilla is angry; Argus flees into the street.
Scintilla aliam cenam parat. Scintilla prepares another dinner.
Flaccus est colonus Romanus. In agro laborat. Flaccus is a Roman farmer. He works in the garden.
Flaccus Argum in agrum ducit. Flaccus leads Argus into the field.
Argus Flaccum non iuvat sed dormit. Argus doesn't help Flaccus but sleeps.
Quintus agrum intrat. Puer Argum vocat sed Argus non audit; nam dormit. Quintus enters the field. The boy calls Argus but Argus doesn't hear; for he sleeps.
Postridie Scintilla Quintum vocat; mittit eum ad agrum. The next day (postridie) Scintilla calls Quintus; He sends him into the field.
Quintus cibum ad Flaccum portat; nam Flaccus diu in agro laborat et fessus est. Quintus carries dinner to Flaccus; for Flaccus works for a long time in the field and is tired.
Puer ad agrum festinat; Argum secum ducit. The boy hurries into the field; he leads Argus with him (secum).
Mox Quintus agrum intrat; Flaccum videt et vocat. Soon Quintus enters the field; He sees Flaccus and calls him.
Flaccus filium audit et ad eum ambulat; in terra sedet et cibum consumit. Flaccus hears his son and walks to him; He sits on the ground and consumes (consumit) the food.
Quintus domum non redit sed in agro manet et Flaccum iuvat. Quintus doesn't return home but waits in the field and helps Flaccus.
Olivam ascendit et olivas decutit. He climbs the olive tree (olivam) and shakes down (decutit) the olives (olivas).
Flaccus olivas colligit. Flaccus collects (colligit) the olives (olivas).
Subito lapsat Quintus et ad terram cadit. Soon Quintus slips (lapsat) and falls to the ground.
Flaccus anxius est et ad eum currit, sed Quintus non caucius est; surgit et domum redit. Flaccus is anxious and runs to him, but Quintus is not hurt (caucius); he gets up and returns home.
Quintus domum redit et Scintillam salutat; Argum in hortum ducit et Horatiam vocat. Quintus returns home and greets Scintilla; He leads Argus into the garden and calls Horatia.
Horatia in hortum festinat; laeta est quod Quintus adest. Horatia hurries into the garden; She is happy because Quintus is there (is present).
Flaccus ab agro redit; fessus est; in casa sedet et quiescit. Flaccus returns from the field (ab agro); He is tired; He sits in the house and rests.
Mox 'Quintus' inquit 'puer bonus est. in agro manet et me iuvat.' Soon he says, “Quintus, you are a good boy. You wait in the field and help me.”
Scintilla laeta est, quod Flaccus puerum laudat. Scintilla is happy, because Flaccus praises the boy.
Cenam celeriter parat; ubi parata est cena. She prepares dinner quickly; When dinner is ready.
Horatiam et Quintum in casam vocat. She calls Horatia and Quintus into the house.
Quintus laetus est quod cena parata est; in casam festinat. Quintus is happy because dinner is ready; he hurries into the house.
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