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ChinesePod: D1673t

ChinesePod: Upper Intermediate, Interesting Architecture -- traditional

陸家嘴 Lùjiāzuǐ Lujiazui
領略 lǐnglǜe to appreciate, to admire
現代化 xiàndàihuà modernized
大都市 dàdūshì metropolis
風采 fēngcǎi elegant demeanor
到處 dàochù everywhere
高樓大廈 gāolóudàshà skyscrapers, tall buildings
東方明珠 Dōngfāngmíngzhū Oriental Pearl Tower
合影 héyǐng to take a group photo
標志性 biāozhìxìng symbolic
建築 jiànzhù architecture
chuàn a string of
俗稱 súchēng to be commonly called
糖葫蘆 tánghúlu candied hawthorn
環球金融中心 Huánqiú jīnróng zhōngxīn World Financial Center
環球 huánqiú global
dòng [measure word for buildings]
dǐng peak
jiān sharp, pointed
寶塔 bǎotǎ pagoda
金茂大廈 Jīnmàodàshà Jin Mao Tower
開瓶器 kāipíngqì bottle opener
建築師 jiànzhùshī architect
酒鬼 jiǔguǐ drunkard, alcoholic
另類 lìnglèi artsy, alternative, offbeat
創意 chuàngyì creative
想得出來 xiǎng de chūlai to be able to come up with
軍刀 jūndāo saber
喀嚓 kāchā [sound of cutting]
kǎn to chop
牙膏 yágāo toothpaste
滑稽 huáji amusing, funny
不管 bùguǎn no matter, regardless
總之 zǒngzhī in summary
爭議 zhēngyì to dispute, to argue
提升 tíshēng to elevate
人氣 rénqì popularity
央視大樓 Yāngshìdàlóu CCTV building
鳥巢 Niǎocháo Bird's Nest
水立方 Shuǐlìfāng Water Cube
huǒ popular
大褲衩 dàkùchǎ large underpants
浦東 Pǔdōng Pudong
審美 shěnměi appreciation of beauty
通俗 tōngsú common
黃浦江 Huángpǔjiāng Huangpu River
繁榮 fánróng prosperous, booming
反差 fǎnchā contrast
全球 quánqiú the whole world
Created by: chibitrochan
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