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CCS PreChapter 20

PreChapter 20 vocabulary review

ancilla maid
hōra hour
nauta sailor
patria country, fatherland
sella chair, seat
terra land, earth
via road, way
locus place
vesper evening
atrium living room
caelum sky
cubiculum bedroom
impluvium rain pool
initium beginning
multum a lot of
ōstium doorway
amor loves
dēns tooth
homō man, human
imber rain
nēmō no one
pānis bread
sōl sun
nubēs cloud
soror sister
tempestās storm
vōx voice
mare sea
pectus chest
manus (F) hand
diēs day
rēs thing
nihil nothing
cui to whom
cuiusque of each
to him, to her
illa that woman,she
mēcum with me
quid? What?
quOrum of which, whose
tēcum with you
vōs you all
aeger sick
aequus epual
fessus tiredd
ille that, those
incertus uncertain, unsure
īrātus angry, mad
laetus happy
maximus greatest, largest
miser poor, miserable
noster our
novus new
paucī few
quisque each (of three+)
rārus rare
rēctus correct, right
sānus sane, healthy
tertius third
tOtus whole
tranquillus calm, tranquil
turbulentus rough, turbulent
uter? which (of 2)?
vacuus empty
vērus true
vester y'all's
melior better
minor smaller
-ns, -ntēs (verb)ing
aegrotāre be sick
cantāre to sing
cubāre lie down
exspectāre await,expect
intrāre enter
nāvigāre sail
portāre carry
vigilāre stay awake
gaudēre rejoice, be happy
lucēre shine
oportet it is necessary
solēre be accustomed
tenēre hold
valēre be well, strong
animadvertere notice
appōnere put...to, on
bibere drink
cadere fall
cōnsidere take a seat
cōnsistere stop (walking)
dēsinere stop, cease (doing)
discēdere leave, go away
ducere lead
impōnere put...on
mergere sink, drown
ostendere show, hold out
pōnere put
relinquere leave behind
surgere get up, rise
vIvere live, be alive
facere do, make
incipere begin
convenīre fit, be fitting
nescīre not know
operīre cover
afferre carry to, bring
īre go
potest is able
vult wants
an or
ante +____ before, in front of
at but
atque and
antequam before
bene well
cotīdiē daily, every day
dē +____ about, down from +abl.
in + acc. into
minus less
numquam never
nunc now
quandō? when?
quō? to where?
quōmodo? how?
saepe often
tamen nevertheless, anyhow
tum then
unde from where, whence
vesperī in the evening
Created by: CCSLatinOne